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Dead Space Remake: How To Unlock The Secret Alternate Ending

The "Dead Space" remake is out, and the critics are raving about it. It's being hailed as a superb successor to the series and well worth playing for both newcomers to the franchise and veterans of the original. In addition to the improved graphics, gameplay, and other updates, the remake also offers something brand new to entice gamers to return to the Ishimura.


Shortly before the game's release, the achievements list revealed that a secret alternate ending was being included (per PCGamesN), but there was no indication of how to see it. Since then, however, players have gotten their hands on the game, and the secret ending has been discovered. This ending offers a treat for players who can find it, providing something new for those who played the original and even seeming to set up the events of "Dead Space 2."

Unlocking this ending won't be easy though. Players will need to put in the effort and earn it — but it's absolutely worth the work.

Find the Marker Fragments on New Game Plus

Before they can see the alternate ending, players need to play through the game, get the original ending, and then start again with New Game Plus. It will take a solid 12 to 15 hours to beat the game – and likely more time to finish the second playthrough as seeing the alternate ending also requires completing a new side task.


While in New Game Plus, gamers will need to collect Marker Fragments as they make their way through the Ishimura, with 12 fragments to be found altogether.

The Marker Fragments are scattered throughout the ship and must be collected by the end of Chapter 11 to unlock the secret ending. The locations of the markers are: The Maintenance Bay Office, Dr. Kyne's Office, Mercer's Office, Cryogenics, the Hydroponics East Grow Chamber, the Engine Room, Mineral Processing, the Communications Array, The Bridge Break Room, the Cargo Bay, the Chief Steward's Office, and the Deluxe Shift Bunks of the Crew Quarters.

For those having trouble tracking any of them down, a video walkthrough will help with identifying just where to look in each area (per IGN).


Once they've gathered all the markers, players just need to bring them to the Captain's Quarters where a strange shrine has been set up on the table. After that, the alternate ending will be unlocked. Now players will just need to finish the game again to see the new ending and get a glimpse of what's to come in "Dead Space 2."