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Resident Evil 4 Remake Removes The Scenes That Didn't Age Well

"Resident Evil 4" is rightfully considered to be one of the best video games of all time, not to mention a game changer in the action-horror genre. However, that doesn't mean that every aspect of the original release has aged particularly well. The newly released "Resident Evil 4" remake has made a number of improvements to the original's combat systems and revamped classic villains like Ramón Salazar, but the developers also took some time to rework or remove some of the more cringe-worthy bits from the beloved game.

This installment sees Leon S. Kennedy being sent into a remote village to rescue Ashley Graham, the daughter of the United States President, from a mutated cult. In the original, Ashley is frequently portrayed as whiny and immature. Not only is she barely able to protect herself, but several jokes are made at her expense that veer into the realm of male gaze-y fan service. For instance, when escorting Ashley up a ladder in the original, the player can tilt the camera and allow Leon to peek up her skirt, resulting in a shocked response from Ashley. 

A great deal of work has gone into making Ashley a much more capable character in the new version of the game, addressing many of the fan complaints about the original. Not only does Ashley work harder to avoid capture in the remake, but most of the dated jokes surrounding her character have not been carried over. Although critics have largely applauded the updates in characterization, it apparently hasn't sat well with some fans.

The Resident Evil 4 remake isn't peeking at Ashley

One frustrated Steam review of "Resident Evil 4" went viral when content creator and game modder Lance McDonald shared a screenshot of the long list of complaints. This gamer (whose username was cropped out by McDonald) took umbrage with the fact that the remake has done away with all of the upskirt shots from the original game. The reviewer noted that they mostly enjoyed the game, but felt that the remake took away "the thing people wanted most." 

It seems this reviewer is in the minority of players, at least judging from the responses to McDonald's post, which has received over 4 million views and over 1,000 replies as of this writing. A large number of people clowned on the original review, though some commenters seemed genuinely impressed by how thorough the list was.

Of course, this is not an entirely new move on Capcom's part. When developing the VR edition of the original "Resident Evil 4," the decision was made to cut a few elements of the game that felt a bit icky in retrospect. These included moments in which Leon hits on Secret Service Agent Hunnigan (not exactly professional on his part), as well as an unfortunate scene where supporting character Luis ogles Ashley's chest. 

For fans who are truly concerned about the most beloved himbo in "Resident Evil," don't worry: Leon is definitely still a flirt in the remake. However, the new version has definitely toned down many of his less respectful instincts.