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CS2 Exploit Causes Players To Fall Through The Map

"Counter Strike 2" was officially announced in March, and limited testing is already underway. While plenty of fans are excited to be diving into the action early, it does appear that the test is turning up some issues that Valve will want to address ahead of the full release. Perhaps the most serious issue is an apparent bug that can be exploited to cause players to fall through the map.

The phenomenon of players suddenly clipping through the bottom of the map and falling indefinitely has been documented and discussed by fans on Reddit, and there have been questions about just what causes this to occur. Seemingly at random (at least for players not causing the problem), everyone in a match will suddenly fall through the ground and continue falling through empty space. It's still possible to move and attack, so players are able to get close and take one another out to end the match. It does ruin the game for all involved whenever it happens, however, and the problem will need to be fixed before long.

Fortunately, it appears that the general cause of the problem has been identified, which should make it easier for Valve to address it. On the other hand, the problem seems to be a bug that can easily be replicated by cheaters and griefers, so bad actors will be able to keep using this exploit until it is fixed.

Exploit can be triggered with a grenade

Thanks to a recent fan video on YouTube, players identified the source of the problem, and showed that the bug can essentially be triggered at will. By modifying settings or game files and then throwing a grenade directly down, the bug is activated, with everyone — including the person who triggered it — immediately falling. Of course, this doesn't really help the person who caused it to win the match, but it does seem to be a means for trolls to ruin the fun for everyone else.

"Counter Strike" has certainly had its issues with bugs, exploits, and cheating in the past, and given that the sequel is still in the testing phase, it's not surprising that problems like this would arise. Fans can only hope that Valve will iron out these bugs ahead of the official launch and do more to weed out and punish cheaters so everyone else can enjoy "Counter Strike 2."