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Gran Turismo 4 Cheats Took 20 Years To Discover

The popular racing game series "Gran Turismo" is no stranger to cheat codes. In 2001's "Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec," for example, players are awarded bonus money and additional modes for inputting specific button sequences. But to the surprise of gamers, when "Gran Turismo 4" launched in 2004, it did so without cheat codes. At least, that's what gamers thought of arguably the best "Gran Turismo" title.

A "Gran Turismo" fanatic recently discovered secret cheat codes that players can input on the main menu of "Gran Turismo 4." These cheat codes amazingly stayed undiscovered for almost 20 years. And after reading what these cheats do, many gamers will wish they had these codes in the early 2000s.

These "new" cheat codes allow gamers to bypass special challenges and amass credits with a few simple button inputs — but there is a catch. Players can't cheat straight out of the box. Instead, gamers must let a certain number of in-game days go by before activating the cheats. But once the required time passes, these cheats allow gamers to bypass one of the hardest challenges in the history of the series.

Secret cheats have just now been discovered

Recently, "Gran Turismo" modder and researcher Nenkai shared their discovery of cheat codes in "Gran Turismo 4." Nenkai noted that players must have progressed through the game for 365 days before the cheats become available. To do this, players will need to simply play through enough of the game to pass the time. This prerequisite may be one reason gamers did not discover these cheats previously.

Still, these cheats are useful for anyone playing the PS2 classic. One of the most useful cheats awards a player with 10,000,000 of the in-game currency and can be activated by heading to the main screen and inputting: Select, Left, Right, Right, Down, Up, Up, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down, L1, R1, Select. Additionally, there are cheat codes to pass events with the highest rating. Nenkai noted that this includes allowing players to skip the dreaded 24-hour endurance races that force players to strap in and race on a track for 24 real-world hours, passing the baton of the hardest challenge in the series over to the almost unbeatable "Gran Turismo 7" AI races.

Although "Gran Turismo 4" is approaching its 19th birthday, the community's reaction to these newly discovered cheat codes demonstrates just how much love gamers have for this series. And these cheat codes give players even more reason to dust off their PS2 and pop in "Gran Turismo 4" as they wait for the official "Gran Turismo" movie to hit theatres – a movie which is actually based on a true story.