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Elden Ring: How To Find Church Of Inhibition (And The Key Items You'll Find In It)

"Elden Ring" doesn't make it easy for players to find locations or important items. In fact, most of the vast world of the Lands Between simply has to be explored thoroughly, with players stumbling across locations and items randomly. That said, it's worth the trek to visit the Church of Inhibition for a few useful items and some lore. But how to get there? It's an involved process, unfortunately. The first part of the journey requires some creative map navigating, but the items waiting for players at the Church of Inhibition make it all worth it.


After venturing to Liurnia of the Lakes – which requires a battle with a practically impossible boss – players should head north, cutting up through the center of the region and eventually ending up in the northeastern part. After the long trek, stop and rest at the Bellum Church site of grace and take a deep breath. The rest of the journey is enough to drive any player to madness.

Navigating through Frenzied Flame

From the Bellum Church site of grace, the Church of Inhibition lies almost directly east. However, players have to take a winding path to navigate around some steep hills. GosuNoob provides a helpful look at how to snake one's way through the hills while also highlighting another important obstacle: the Frenzy-Flaming Tower. Yes, the tower looks like the Eye of Sauron, and despite its somewhat silly name, it'll make players go mad if they look at it for too long. Being within sight of the tower – which constantly burns a Frenzied Flame spell – will rapidly raise the Tarnished's madness meter, which will kill them if it fills completely. Players can opt to disengage the tower before heading to the Church of Inhibition to make things easier.


The Frenzy-Flaming Tower can be turned off, so to speak, by climbing to the top and killing the Frenzied Flame villagers manning the structure. Approaching the tower from behind, dodging the eye by ducking under various bits of terrain along the way, players can enter the base of the tower and climb to the top relatively easily.

Of course, Gosunoob's tactic involves cleverly avoiding the eye's gaze by hiding behind rocks and cliffs, so the Church of Inhibition can be reached whether players deactivate the tower or not. It's up to each individual Tarnished to decide which path to take.

Regardless, winding up the hills and dealing with the tower opens up a pathway to the Church of Inhibition. As with many things in "Elden Ring," the challenge doesn't end there.


An intruder and some key items

Even after players see the Church of Inhibition, there are still obstacles to face. Once the Tarnished gets close enough to the Church, an invader named Festering Fingerprint Vyke appears, ready to kill anyone in the area. Like the Frenzy-Flaming Tower, Vyke uses madness-inflicting spells against the player, making the battle a bit tricky. Using your most powerful summon just ahead of the fight will help. After dispatching Vyke, the Church is ready for exploration, though.


An angelic statue by the church has a Sacred Tear players can grab, and inside the church lies a corpse of a Finger Maiden. This Maiden carries a Finger Maiden Robe and Shoes, along with a Finger Maiden Fillet – a head covering, not a hunky piece of meat.

Most importantly, players can use the corpse to fulfill a questline for Varre. The Sacred Tear alone makes the trek worth it, but the additional lure of completing a sidequest definitely sweetens the deal.