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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Easy Guide To Solve Church Puzzle

Like every "Resident Evil" game, the "Resident Evil 4" remake has gamers periodically taking a break from zombie killing and boss slaying to put on their thinking cap to solve a puzzle. But the church puzzle in Chapter 4 of the remake is a particularly challenging one that has the potential to stump a player for hours.


Players run into this puzzle at the end of Chapter 4 after defeating El Gigante (with the dog's help, if they rescued the furry friend earlier). To solve the puzzle, players first need to find the Blue Dial. After entering the church, immediately head right to the wall, then walk to the end of the passageway. Players can then pick up the Blue Dial inside the brown cabinet alongside the wall.

Once the dial has been acquired, players must head to the stained-glass window at the back of the church and pull the lever on the left wall. Then the dial panel will open up, and players must insert the Blue Dial into it. From there, the real puzzle begins.

Start spinning

The objective of the church puzzle is to align the pieces of glass to form the dragonfly-looking insignia that appears on the dials. It may seem difficult at first, but a small trick simplifies it. The easiest way to complete this puzzle is to focus on the tips of the insignia and align them into the open spaces on the glass.


Players should start with the middle Green Dial, as it's the easiest. Players will notice that the middle tip of the insignia goes into an opening of one of the large inner green window pieces. Players must spin the Green Dial one and a quarter rotations to the right to line up the middle insignia tip into the open space.

For the Red Dial, players must focus on the insignia's left and right wing tips. Players will note that there is an outer red glass piece that the tips insert into. Players must spin the Red Dial to the right for three and three-quarters rotations to line up the glass.

For the final dial, the Blue Dial, players must line up the bottom left edge of the sigil with an opening in a piece of blue glass. Then, rotate the sigil to the left for two and a half rotations to align it properly. If everything has been done correctly, the door blocking Leon's path will now open.