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Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn Location: Where To Catch Them (And How To Breed)

While hunting down the Graphorn may be attached to arguably one of the more annoying "Hogwarts Legacy" quests, San Bakar's Trial, it's the only way to actually get the beast. There are plenty of dumb things players have to ignore in the game, but getting the Graphorn isn't one of them: It's integral to the plot at large, and it's actually quite a fun mount to acquire. Plus, it's a rare beast, so students are technically helping the magical realm by breeding it in the breeding pen. The creature itself seems almost like a cross between a saber-toothed tiger and a mountain goat with a sprinkling of Cthulhu for good measure — pretty neat for a giant mount that students get to ride around, trampling poachers left and right.


But where can eager witches and wizards find such a mount? Unfortunately, they do need to wait until near the end of the game — once San Bakar's Trial is unlocked to find the final repository. Prepare for spoilers ahead.

Find the Graphorn

Once the quest is unlocked, the student will need to examine the entrance of the final repository with Professor Fig, outside San Bakar's Pensieve chamber. Use Revelio to highlight the overgrowth on the actual chamber door. Then, students can use a spell like Confringo to burn away the plants, which in turn reveals a large carving of the creature the student needs to find: The Graphorn. Fig will then give the student a general location for the "Lord of the Shore," a specific Graphorn that can now be tracked.


The Graphorn den is located near the southernmost tip of the Clagmar coast. While, sure, students can fly the whole way there on their brooms, the easiest way to get to the Graphorn den is to fast-travel to Clagmar Castle and then fly to the den. Of course, they will need their Nab-Sacks to capture the beast and be able to breed it — but all of that comes after a pretty tricky battle.

How to catch and breed the Graphorn

Students will need to approach the den and be ready for battle. Witches and wizards don't need to worry about finding the beast once they arrive: The Graphorn will find them. Have some potions like Thunderbrew ready to stun the creature, and the best loadout will include offensive spells as well as Flipendo, so witches and wizards can throw crates or boulders at the raging beast. Students will also need to be prepared to dodge when the Graphorn attacks, but fortunately, it's easy to see when the beast is poised to lunge. 


The Graphorn has two bars of health, and when the first is depleted, it will rise up, roar, and begin to glow. Once it redoubles its attack, continue with the same strategy: Stun, dodge, and use Flipendo. When both health bars have finally been emptied, students will have the option to kneel or continue to attack. Choose "kneel" to befriend the creature, and then ride the mount back to San Bakar's Pensieve chamber. Witches and wizards will have to get past poachers, but luckily, students can just mow them down with their new mount. 

To breed the creature, all students need to do is acquire a female and put them both into the breeding pen. Head back to the den to find another Graphorn, which will only ever house a single Graphorn at a time. The Graphorn will need to be fought, but it can then be added to a Nab-Sack and transported to the breeding pen to make weird, tentacled miniature Graphorns.