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The Elden Ring Trophy That's Practically Impossible To Get

Every of FromSoftware's "Souls" games has carved out a reputation for exceptional difficulty, with hard-hitting bosses that eat away most of the player's health in one shot and combat mechanics requiring pinpoint precision. While some fans have argued that "Elden Ring" comprises one of the more (relatively) beginner-friendly games released by FromSoftware, some of the achievements available in "Elden Ring" demand tasks bordering on the impossible. One trophy in particular has taken the cake as the most grueling to earn, and not just because of how long it takes on average.


Across all of its "Souls"-like games, FromSoftware has included trophies for players to earn by completing challenges: Defeating a certain boss, acquiring all sorceries, discovering all areas of the game, or achieving a special ending. The usual! Some of these milestones have cycled between games, but one trophy has appeared in multiple FromSoftware games, from the original "Dark Souls," to "Bloodborne," to "Elden Ring." This trophy, beyond dispute, is the most difficult feat in each of these games. 

The hardest "Elden Ring" trophy to earn is fittingly the last one, because it's only earned after you unlock every other trophy in the game.

Fully complete Elden Ring

As tracked by PSNProfiles, only 10.8% of public player profiles have clinched the ultimate self-titled "Elden Ring" trophy, awarded to those who have earned all other trophies in the game. This is similarly rare on Steam as well, with just over 8% achievement.


While "Elden Ring" may not compare to the difficulty of past "Dark Souls" games for some players, becoming the lord of achievements in the Lands Between has posed no walk in the park. Though the main campaign takes around 30 hours to complete, it can take 100 more to 100-percent the game, seeing every ending, defeating dozens of bosses, and earning every trophy. And yes, this includes putting in the work to unlock the "Bad" ending with the Frenzied Flame devouring everything in sight.

Several of the challenges offered up in "Elden Ring" have notoriously taxed players. Among the mandatory bosses of the game, Godrick grafted out a reputation early on as a near-impossible "Elden Ring" boss for new players. If Godrick significantly challenged at least half of all players, Malenia all but tortured them: An irony considering FromSoftware almost made her even tougher.


At least completing the game has not tasked Tarnished with the monumental (but more monotonous) feat of reaching max level in "Elden Ring."