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Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide: How To Solve Freezer Power Puzzle

The puzzles in the critically acclaimed "Resident Evil 4 Remake" are no joke. For example, the glass-stained window puzzle in Chapter 3 is frustratingly difficult. But later on, in Chapter 13, an even more chillingly challenging puzzle awaits players.

The first step in solving the freezer puzzle is to acquire the Level 1 Keycard. To do this, players must activate the Power Control Lever south of the Dissection room to clear the way to the card. Then, players must head directly north to the Dissection room and solve the puzzle outside the door. This will open the room where players can find the Level 1 Keycard on a shelf on the north wall.

After the Level 1 Keycard has been acquired and the Power Control Lever is activated, players can head to the freezer puzzle. This puzzle can be accessed through the electric lock terminal in the Freezer room to the left of the Dissection room. But players shouldn't expect this puzzle to be easy as it's one of the hardest in the game. It's worth completing, however, as it awards players with the LE 5 submachine gun — one of the most powerful guns in the game. Here's how to complete the Freezer puzzle in the "Resident Evil 4 Remake."

Connect the power lines

Players can start the puzzle by interacting with the green PC monitor outside the locked freezer door. To solve the puzzle, players must rotate the connector shapes by pressing X to send power to all five power zones signified by a lightning symbol. However, this puzzle has two different versions, with the harder variant being present in the Hardcore/Professional difficulty.

For the lower-difficulty puzzle, players must rotate the first shape twice to get an upside-down 'T' symbol. Next, players must move on to the second shape by moving the stick right, then rotating the shape twice to make a lowercase 'r' symbol. Then the player must turn the third shape three times to make the power go up, down, and to the left, making it look like a mirrored 'E.' Then, for the final line, do the same thing as the previous line by rotating the shape three times to solve the puzzle.

The higher-difficulty puzzle is a bit trickier but follows the same rules. First, the player must rotate the first symbol three times to look like an 'E' symbol. Then the second symbol must be rotated once to make an 'L.' Next, the player must turn the third symbol twice to connect the bottom and left power lines. Finally, players must rotate the final symbol three times to make an 'E' symbol. If the symbols were arranged correctly, the door will open, allowing players to grab their shiny new weapon.