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PlayStation Quietly Deleted This Listing And It Could Be Important For The Q Lite

Rumors have been circulating for some time that Sony is developing a new handheld console. This rumored device, codenamed Q Lite, is said to be around the same size as a DualSense controller and feature an 8-inch LCD screen. But apart from that, little was known about the device until now. Some now-deleted information by Sony may have accidentally given away information about the true nature of the device.


Recently, a job listing cropped up online searching for professionals to come work on PlayStation's cloud gaming service. Gamers immediately theorized that this project was related to the Q Lite console, as previous rumors pointed to the device being a cloud streaming device rather than a console capable of playing hard disks like the PSP and the Vita.

If all of this is true, it seems PlayStation is in the process of fully committing to cloud-based gaming. And if the technology is as good as Sony aims for it to be, the Q Lite has the potential to be the best handheld cloud gaming device on the market.

Sony is determined to make cloud gaming work, possibly for the Q Lite

First reported by The Verge, a job listing was recently posted looking for a Director of Product Management for Cloud Gaming. Sony wrote that it was looking for a "ground-breaking innovator in the cloud streaming product space." And upon further investigation, onlookers discovered that Sony was looking for five senior platform engineers in total to join the Future Technology Group. Sony described this group as being "at the forefront of putting console-quality video games on any device." Although Sony has dabbled in streaming games before with PS Remote Play, it appears the company is now going all-in.


Soon after the media reported on these listings, Sony took them down, leaving onlookers to believe the company was not ready to reveal its big cloud gaming plans. And many think that the ramping up of cloud gaming development at Sony could be connected to the Q Lite, as the device was previously rumored to only be able to stream games through the internet.

This isn't the first time Sony has experimented with streaming games to handheld devices. The PS Vita famously was able to stream PS3 games — although that device eventually flopped. But with Sony's new cloud gaming technology that offers 1080p quality at 60 FPS with a solid connection, and its extensive revamped PlayStation Plus streaming library, the Q Lite may avoid a similar fate to the Vita.