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Dozens Of Mario Fans Collaborated On This Epic Music Video

Fans can't get enough of Bowser's love song in the "Super Mario Bros." movie, but there's another Mario-related song that may be able to compete with it for the love of gamers. Appropriately enough, this song features Bowsette, the genderbent version of Bowser, and the music video was made with the collaboration of fans.


The song, titled "Bowsette" after the fan-created character, was originally written by The Chalkeaters. The group describes itself as "a video game-themed overproduced sheetpost music team" and has been uploading its work to YouTube and other platforms for years. Their song "Bowsette" was originally uploaded back in 2019 and has received over 2.5 million views — but it's their new release, featuring a recording and animation from 23 different artists that took social media by storm shortly after the release of the "Super Mario Bros." movie.

The video features lots of singing by Bowsette along with some rapping by Mario and even a couple action sequences, smoothly transitioning from one art style to the next, making for an exciting and entertaining experience. Thanks to the stunning art and catchy tune, the video quickly gained over two million views on YouTube and became a hit on TikTok.


Bowsette gives fans a hero-villain romance

"Bowsette" features the fan-created, female version of Bowser who first appeared in 2018 and has since become a popular unofficial part of the fandom. In the video, Bowsette tries to woo Mario and convince him to give up on Peach. The chorus includes the classic line about how the "princess is in another castle" with Bowsette pointing out to Mario that she's "still here." The video manages to be simultaneously sweet and goofy, ending on a happy note but still poking fun at how silly Mario and Peach's relationship really is. It also offers the fun twist of having the villain and hero end up as the couple — like something out of a Miike Snow video.


"Bowsette" also benefits from being created by a team that clearly loves "Mario" and video games in general. From the various references to "Mario" games throughout the song and video to brief homages to other games like "Elden Ring" and "God of War," "Bowsette" has delighted many gamers.

Anyone who's somehow missed out on this viral video so far should check it out as soon as they can. "Mario" fans, gamers, and anyone who's ever known the frustration of being in a love triangle will be able to appreciate it.