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Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide: How To Solve The Hexagon Puzzle

Like in the original, the "Resident Evil 4 Remake" has its fair share of puzzling puzzles. Unsurprisingly some of the more challenging puzzles come at the end of the game, like the infamous Freezer Puzzle. However, a few early-game puzzles have also managed to stump players. One of these difficult early-game puzzles is the Hexagon Puzzle in Chapter 4.  

Although optional and tricky, this puzzle is worth doing because it awards players an incredibly valuable item. To begin, players must first find the three missing Hexagon pieces. The first puzzle piece can be found in a chest near the stairs in the same room as the Merchant that links the Quarry to the Fish Farm. The second piece is located at the Fish Farm in a chest accessible after jumping down from the walkway into the water. Finally, the last piece is located in a small container in the Small Cave Shrine at the top right corner of the lake.

With the missing pieces in hand, players are finally ready to take on this challenging puzzle. Here's how to solve the Hexagon puzzle in the "Resident Evil 4 Remake."

Spin to win

The Hexagon Puzzle is located on a small boat ramp at the Southwest edge of the lake. Once in position, players must interact with the Puzzle's pedestal and insert all three Hexagon pieces. Leon must then spin the Hexagon pieces to reveal an image of the Del Lago feasting on a human.

These Hexagon pieces can only be moved in clumps of three pieces, with the middle one always rotating. Thankfully, the pieces can only move in one direction, so players don't have to worry about going the wrong way. Although it may initially look intimidating, this puzzle has an easy solution. First, players must spin the rightmost clump twice to reveal the outer edge of the artwork's circle. Then players must move to the left group of Hexagons and spin it twice. Finally, players must select the top clump of Hexagons and move it once.

If all the steps were completed correctly, the Del Lago drawing will become visible, opening the podium and revealing the treasure inside. Then all Leon needs to do is pick up his reward, the Depraved Idol, which can be sold to the Merchant for a whopping fifteen thousand Pesetas. A hefty sum that will undoubtedly help curb the urge to indulge in the game's controversial microtransaction system.