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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Theory Suggests Ganondorf Is Taking Notes From Marvel's Thanos

"Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" is finally releasing in May and, thanks to a new trailer and ad leaks, there's no shortage of tantalizing hints and details for players to examine and speculate on. The steady trickle of new info has led to lots of exciting fan theories that we can't wait to investigate when the game launches. One of the more interesting, and possibly terrifying, theories to be suggested is that Ganondorf is looking to emulate Marvel's Thanos and his "Infinity War" plans.

The theory, proposed on Reddit, speculates about the nature of the game's titular tears and the intriguing look of the jewelry Ganondorf can be seen wearing. Fans have noticed that Ganondorf's necklace and diadem appear to have seven slots where gems could be inserted. Combined with the knowledge that there are seven tears, theorized to correspond to the seven tribes from "Breath of the Wild," this raises an interesting question. Is Ganondorf seeking to collect and combine the tears as Thanos did with the Infinity Stones? Will the tears bestow some sort of terrible power on the classic villain?

Is Ganondorf looking to pull off his own snap?

The final "Tears of the Kingdom" trailer had already thrilled Ganondorf fans and this latest theory is taking things even further. A massive Reddit thread is already full of excited fans discussing the idea. While some are treating it more as a joke and suggesting that Ganondorf will "snap" half of the inhabitants of Hyrule into oblivion, others appear to be taking the theory somewhat seriously.

It has been suggested that, as the production of the game overlaps with the release of "Infinity War ” and "Endgame" it's not impossible that the developers could have been influenced by Thanos and his plan. Further, the "Legend of Zelda" timeline already features time travel and alternate realities along the lines of "Endgame" so bringing another element from that story wouldn't exactly be a stretch.

If "Tears of the Kingdom" does involve Ganondorf seeking to assemble a superweapon with all the tears, the game will likely include Link setting out on a quest to stop him. The nature of the tears is still unclear and what sort of power they could have if combined remains a mystery. Fans will have to wait until May to see if this theory pans out and just how powerful a Ganondorf Infinity necklace might be.