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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Is Already Being Spoiled Ahead Of Release

The eagerly anticipated follow-up to Respawn and EA's widely praised "Jedi: Fallen Order" comes out in a few days — April 28, to be precise — and so far, the developers have been pretty good about keeping leaks from happening. Until now, just before "Jedi: Survivor" is set to release, most of the information fans knew about the game came from official sources and announcements. But because some players got their hands on the game early, spoilers are now making their way around the internet.Don't worry, there won't be any specific spoilers listed below.

At least one Twitter account that has now been taken down reportedly posted screenshots of the game's new UI and other elements after claiming to have received an early copy of "Jedi: Survivor." On gaming forum ResetEra, users have reposted information from now-deleted screenshots, which depict much of the game's new mechanics, options, and locations. The leak also covers parts of the game's story, so fans of "Jedi: Fallen Order" looking forward to seeing what Cal is up to in the sequel should stay far away from these posts. Despite EA's best efforts, these leaks continue to spread to various corners of the internet.

Though the leaks don't exactly describe everything in the game, a number of momentous parts of the story are mentioned, potentially ruining the experience entirely for players wanting to go in blind. The has now prompted EA and members of the development team to urge players to avoid spoiling the game for themselves and others.

EA and Respawn ask players to avoid Jedi: Survivor spoilers

On April 24, 2023, the day after the leaks first started popping up across social media, the official EA Star Wars account acknowledged the "Jedi: Survivor" leaks and asked fans to "please be mindful of others and avoid posting or sharing spoilers." Pete McNamara, who was Editor-in-Chief of Game Informer before becoming a Director at EA, simply asked fans to be respectful of their fellow Jedi in a response to EA's original post.

Pete Stewart, a senior writer at Respawn who also worked on the "Total War" series, said that it's disheartening for the team behind the game to see spoilers before its release. "We all worked very hard to create something that hopefully surprises and delights you all," Stewart tweeted. Blair Brown, a senior producer at Respawn, warned fans to "be mindful of your fellow gamers this week," and echoed Stewart's request to wait to experience everything new and surprising in the game when it releases later this week.

Fan response to EA's acknowledgment and warning has been almost unanimously against the leakers, and some users even came up with a list of words to blacklist across social media for the next few days to avoid any spoilers online. With only a few days left until the launch of "Jedi: Survivor," it won't be long until fans don't need to worry about having the second part of this potential trilogy spoiled for them.