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Pokémon GO Devs Made Fun Of Upset Fanbase & Players In A Now-Deleted Tweet

"Pokémon Go" fans have been upset about recently announced changes to the game, and developer Niantic may have just made things worse with a now-deleted Tweet. The controversy began when Niantic revealed upcoming changes that would limit how many remote raids players could take part in every day. While Niantic defended the change as necessary to restore the social nature of the game and to encourage players to go out and meet others in the "Pokémon Go" community, many fans expressed frustration and disappointment, noting that it will harm players that, for one reason or another, are unable to go out and play with others in the real world. Niantic seems to have responded to this backlash by making fun of these upset fans before rethinking this approach and quickly backtracking.


On April 20, Niantic tweeted a joke review for "going outside" in the style of a Rotten Tomatoes score with "going outside" getting overwhelming critical and fan support. The tweet also included the hashtag #getoutside. While not specifically referencing the controversy over remote raids, many fans took this as an attempt to poke fun at those opposed to the change. This sparked criticism for Niantic in the tweet's responses and on other forums like Reddit. Niantic was quick to delete the tweet, but, of course, nothing posted to the internet can really disappear. Screen captures of the tweet are still circulating, and gamers are still criticizing the move as childish and insensitive.

Niantic isn't commenting on the tweet

Niantic may have hoped that the tweet would be taken as humorous and encourage players to start engaging with "Pokémon Go" out in the world again but it certainly wasn't taken that way by players. On Reddit, fans have both mocked the tweet and Niantic's decision to delete it so quickly. Others have pointed out that the tweet seemed to have received less than 100 likes before it was deleted, despite the fact that it was viewed by nearly 40,000 people. This, along with critical replies strongly indicate that the tweet generated more animosity than laughter.


Since deleting the tweet, Niantic appears to be keeping quiet about the issue. The Niantic and "Pokémon Go" Twitter accounts have been back to business as usual, posting game updates, bug fixes, and upcoming events with no mention of remote raids or the ongoing conflict with fans.

While, in the past, Niantic has sometimes backpedaled and reversed unpopular changes in response to fan backlash, the developer appears to be sticking to its guns this time. It may have deleted the unpopular tweet but it hasn't announced a reversal on the remote raid decision. With the move receiving so much criticism and Niantic's joking response creating more tension, however, it's unlikely the fan uproar will disappear anytime soon.


Whether players ultimately get back outside and start raiding in public again remains to be seen. One thing is certain, though. They certainly don't want to made fun of or lectured about it by Niantic.