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Project V: Everything You Need To Know About Fortnite's Streamer Collab

There's no shortage of battle royales on the market competing for players' attention. But it's not just big-name developers producing these highly addictive games. Battle Royale content creators, such as Dr. Disrespect, have used their unique expertise to create games in the space. And now, even more creators are following suit via a massive collaboration with some of the biggest names in the field.


Getting its name from the five main battle royale streamers involved in development, "Project V" will be led by SypherPK, CourageJD, Ninja, Nickmercs, and TimtheTatman. These streamers are creating a brand-new battle royale game shaped by community feedback — but they won't be starting from scratch. Instead, the team partnered with development studio SuperJoy Studios to create the game in the "Fortnite" engine via the new Unreal Editor. And with the impressive number of features available to developers with this editor, the only limiting factor in the development of "Project V" is imagination.

So, what will "Project V" be like? Will it be similar to "Fortnite" or something completely different altogether? Here's everything we know about the upcoming streamer-produced battle royale, "Project V."


Does Project V have a release date?

"Project V" is slated to release sometime in 2024. However, it does not seem like the team is in a rush to get the product out the door. So, fans shouldn't hold their breath.

"We'll be taking our time to develop this game as features for UEFN become more powerful and flexible," the development team wrote in their official announcement blog post. And with their remark about "ambitious plans to build something unique," it appears there is a long road ahead for the development team. But the game's release may only be the beginning.


"Project V" promises to "be a game that puts community feedback and features front and center." This means players will be able to weigh in on how the game plays. So, players should be prepared for extensive beta testing and constant improvements to the game in the future as development is underway if the company's statements are true. In the meantime, fans can follow the team on Twitter and subscribe to the newsletter to receive updates on the game's development.

Does Project V have a trailer?

Currently, there is no trailer for "Project V." However, there was an interesting image accompanying the game's reveal. Fans can spot each streamer involved in the project represented by an in-game model in the image.


Starting from the left and moving to the right, Courage can be seen kitted up in some technology-infused lion armor, Nickmercs is wearing a bulletproof vest and a backward ball cap, SypherPK is rocking a stylish red suit, Ninja is in his signature blue color, and finally, TimtheTatman is equipped with American flag themed clothing and equipment. In the distance is a landscape coated in fog, likely representing the world they are in the beginning process of creating.

Because the release date is so far off, an actual trailer likely won't drop anytime soon — especially considering the team is still hiring artists and community members, meaning there probably isn't even anyone on staff yet to make a trailer.


What will gameplay be like in Project V?

Although little has been revealed about "Project V," it will feature the "Fortnite" art style and game mechanics. But that looks to be where the similarities stop. The "Project V" team promises that the game will flip the "Fortnite" formula on its head with "custom weapons, a full-scale map, fluid movement, and unique mechanics." And this will all be possible with the new Unreal Editor for "Fortnite," as it allows developers to implement custom modes, VFXs, materials, and much more directly into the game engine.


And because the UEFN tools are new, developers still don't have a grasp on everything possible in the engine. So, the game may evolve into something even more ambitious later. And with the game being so early in development — and the developers promising to shape the game using player feedback — the final game likely wouldn't resemble anything the team would show us now anyway.