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Zelda Theory: BOTW's Dragons May Be Tied To This Tears Of The Kingdom Character

Theorization on "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" sparked anew following the game's final trailer, with fans latching onto every scene for clues regarding the game's story and the roles of its characters, from the return of an ultra buff Ganondorf — who may have taken notes from Marvel's Thanos – to the potential identities for two characters new to the franchise. Some theorized the green-gray woman in (likely) Zonai jewelry represents a past incarnation of Princess Zelda or the goddess Hylia herself — technically, but not exactly, the same character. The trailer showed them wearing the exact same attire, for one, and many have predicted time travel will play front and center in the game's plot. That still leaves the other mysterious individual, one who may be concealing his own powerful secret.


Jeffrey Pawlak of Zelda Universe picked up on a number of fascinating observations that have hinted at a greater role in "Tears of the Kingdom" for characters seen in "Breath of the Wild:" the elemental dragons Farosh, Dinraal, and Naydra. Named after the Golden Goddesses who created the world, the trio of leviathan-like drakes served little function in "Breath of the Wild" other than dropping dragon scales and looking effortlessly majestic as they fly around Hyrule. If the theory posed by Pawlak proves true, the horn-faced humanoid from the final trailer shares a close relationship with them.

A Zonai Dragon?

The Zelda Universe theory pointed to several physical similarities between the dragons in "Breath of the Wild" and the unknown man–likely a Zonai tribesman. Beyond his horns and other reptilian characteristics, he sports long white ears, flowing white hair, and spike markings below their eyes, just like the dragons of "Breath of the Wild." The dragon-heavy iconography of the Faron Region has strongly implied the Zonai revered dragons, prompting Pawlak to speculate that relations between them run deeper. Perhaps the tribesman from the trailer simply concealed his true form: a powerful protector dragon for the tribe.


Content creators like Hyrule Gamer have also speculated on dragons exercising a greater story impact in "Tears of the Kingdom," noting the ouroboros symbol on the game's cover: two snakes swallowing the others' tail, styled exactly after the Zonai interpretation of dragons.

Dragon motifs aside, other "Zelda" fans have signed onto different theories. Unlikely-Dingo7887 on Reddit implied the new arm Link receives came from this Zonai individual and proposed the Zonai people once ruled the Sacred Realm. YouTuber Zeltik meanwhile, called attention to the various "tear" bearers in the final trailer: noble characters who may awaken as this game's Seven Sages. The Zonai tribesman himself bore a crystal teardrop on his right hand, perhaps hinting at his own identity as a sage.


Regardless of the tribesman's true identity, theorization has only helped "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" retain its buzz alongside the final trailer and hands-on previews showcasing Link's new powers.