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xQc Had A Visceral Reaction To 'Massively Damaging' Abuse Comments

During a recent stream, xQc launched into a heated diatribe against Twitch streamer Kaceytron, who argued that he's behaved in an abusive manner toward his ex, Adept. The drama seemingly began when Kaceytron vented about xQc's recent comments regarding the accusations of abuse that have recently been leveled at commentator and comedian Steven Crowder. In screenshots shared to Twitter, Kaceytron argued that it came off as a "massive red flag" to hear xQc questioning whether or not Crowder was actually abusing his wife. She commented, "XQC has used his massive fanbase to manipulate and abuse and harass Adept and done very little to stop it. He's a manipulator and manipulation is abuse." 

Even the most devoted fans of xQc and Adept have had a difficult time trying to keep up with the former couple over the last few years. For a while, it wasn't even clear if the pair were actually together in a romantic sense, even though they would occasionally sneak a kiss or two on-camera while streaming. After the two officially split up, fans were rocked even more when their divorce papers allegedly leaked online. According to these documents, xQc and Adept are not allowed to discuss the specifics of their case with the general public, which is why fans have remained in the dark regarding so much of the drama behind the scenes. However, that has not stopped the aftermath of the breakup from being messy, to say the very least.

Kaceytron noted, "I don't think XQC is a straight up abuser... I'm just saying the community acts like the abuse in xQc/Adept relationship is one-sided when it is clearly mutual abuse." Since then, xQc has made his feelings about these comments known loud and clear.

xQc reacts to Kaceytron's comments

Things got ugly shortly after Kaceytron's comments were posted in the Hascord chat, when Kaceytron shared that xQc was apparently making jokes about her weight in his offline chat with fans. Kaceytron tweeted, "Apparently @XQC is so triggered by me saying that him downplaying Steven Crowder's abuse was a redflag... he is now making references to my weight... to further prove me right?"

However, that was not the end to xQc's responses. During his stream on Sunday, he went off about the situation, telling his viewers, "It's unhinged to go publicly and say s*** like that... and [Kaceytron] doing dot-connecting like this is f**king stupid. It is absolutely unhinged behavior, okay, and it's massively damaging for no f***ing reason." He furthermore accused Kaceytron of trying to bait him and the audience without knowing all of the facts.

For her own part, Kaceytron contends that xQc's visceral reaction seems to prove her point about his pattern of behavior. After xQc's response was posted to his YouTube channel — complete with the title "This Disgusting Streamer Started Drama With Me" — she fired back that he was "putting words into [her] mouth."

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support at their website.