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xQc And Adept's Alleged Divorce Papers May Explain Their Silence

Streamers xQc and Adept have always kept their relationship murky, but recently released alleged divorce papers suggest that the couple was once married, and the internet can't stop buzzing over the terms of their separation. While the news that xQc and Adept were married might sound shocking, nothing in their relationship has ever been clear to the public.


After the pair became roommates, fans began speculating if they were actually dating. While the couple never made a big announcement, fans gradually pieced together that Adept and xQc were, in fact, a romantic item, which made things even more confusing when the rumor mill began turning about their breakup. xQc told his viewers that Adept had left after they'd had a fight, while Adept posted cryptic messages on Twitter, alarming fans even more. Both streamers asked that fans respect their privacy during what must have been a difficult time.

This messy alleged breakup made things even more confusing when xQc and Adept shared a kiss on a livestream in late 2022. Viewers wondered if the two had reconciled, however, xQc insisted they hadn't, and that the kiss didn't mean that they'd rekindled their relationship. Fast forward to 2023 and fans are puzzled yet again, as it appears Adept and xQc were once married and now filing for divorce. While the situation may seem sudden, it appears that both parties cannot legally discuss the situation.


xQc vaguely discussed the situation

In a recent stream, xQc ranted to fans about rumors surrounding his and Adept's relationship, saying that legal documents aren't always what outsiders think they are. He explained that he "can't say certain things," presumably because of legal restrictions. xQc argued that the rumors made him appear like a liar, but that outsiders don't understand the full picture. The stream was heated, with xQc yelling at viewers and demanding that they return to apologize when they realized he was right. The stream seemed unusually high-strung for xQc, and fans wondered what might really be troubling him.


On Twitter, @miguelxmiggy shared a screenshot of an alleged court document, which appeared to be a history of court proceedings "in the matter of the marriage of Samantha Lopez and Felix Lengyel." The document seemed to say that Adept had filed for divorce in mid-November 2022, and that the couple had a few hearings about a restraining order soon after. While the details of the case appeared vague, fans immediately began to speculate why the two would have hidden their relationship.

Some fans wondered if the marriage was a way for xQc to gain citizenship in the US, but one Twitter user had a completely different idea. "In texas if you live with your S/O and just kinda say you're married you can get 'married,'" they wrote. "and while they were never formally married she's claiming they were by common law and that by breaking up they're divorcing." While it's unclear what might have led to the separation, or what each party hopes to get out of it, xQc and Adept do appear to have been married at one point. If the legal documents are real, there could be a long legal battle ahead.


What did the alleged documents reveal?

YouTuber Henry Resilient took a look at the alleged legal document, parsing out what it might mean in layman's terms. According to Resilient, Adept is seeking financial support through temporary alimony, claiming that she does not make enough money to sustain herself. She also sought access to two cars. Most importantly, the document claims that the streamers are forbidden from speaking about the case to anyone, including friends, family, and fans. In other words, xQc cannot directly address the situation online – or in person – while the case is still in progress. This request might explain why xQc and Adept have mostly remained quiet on the case, and why xQc's rants seemed so directionless. The request makes sense, as both streamers have large fanbases that could be used to shift public perception or disseminate false information.


In addition to the financial and material support, Adept also requested a lockdown on certain activities, like gambling or the excessive purchase of expensive items. The document revealed that xQc may be forbidden from gambling until the case is resolved and assets are divided. In the past, xQc has gotten honest about his gambling addiction, but has continued to gamble on and offline. 

It's unclear how the case will progress, or if the documents are even completely legitimate, but fans likely won't hear more news until the court concludes the matter.