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How To Avoid This Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Soft-Lock That Ruins Your Playthrough

Although Cameron Monaghan and Mark Hamill teamed up to celebrate the launch of "Star Wars: Jedi Survivor," gamers didn't share the same enthusiasm. Instead, gamers were asking for refunds in droves post-launch, as the myriad of performance issues made the game unplayable for most. But that's not all. A laundry list of bugs awaits any gamer who stuck with the game despite its performance flaws. And some of these bugs are so bad that they have even ended playthroughs.


Players have discovered a spot in "Star Wars: Jedi Survivor" where they can get permanently stuck if they are not careful. This spot is also part of the main quest, making it impossible to miss, located during one of the early Jedi Chamber missions. If the player does not rest at a specific Meditation Point before dying during this mission, they will be sent back to the beginning of the level. Normally, this is no problem, as the player will just have to tread the same ground again. However, the way ahead is blocked upon respawn, leaving no way out for Cal. This forces players to restart the game from the beginning if they want to continue playing.

Missing this Meditation Point breaks the game

User Weird_Cantaloupe2757 on Reddit was among the first to report that a game-breaking bug awaits players in "Star Wars: Jedi Survivor." The user noted that they found themselves in a room with no way out during the main quest, Chamber of Duality. According to the user, this bug appeared after solving the chamber's puzzles and helping the droid Zee. Upon escaping the chamber via the exit elevator, the player died and was sent back to their last respawn point. Unfortunately, the problem is their last respawn point was in the Chamber of Duality. And once they attempted to fast-travel and activate the elevator (to no avail), they realized they were stuck in the chamber. The user noted that the only solution to the bug was to start the game over again via a different save file.


Replies to the post indicated that many other players were afflicted with the same bug, with some seeking out a refund because of it. Luckily Respawn Entertainment was promptly made aware of the issue and has rolled out a patch on PC already to fix the issue. And a console update is expected to launch online on May 2. So, players should ensure they are running the most current version of the game if they wish to avoid this catastrophic bug.