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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Easy Guide To Solve Chamber Of Detachment Puzzle

There are a total of seven Jedi Meditation Chambers in "Star Wars Jedi: Survivor," adding interesting gameplay, which has kept the critics happy. And although a few Chambers have the potential to end playthroughs, they are worth the risk as they net the player great rewards upon completion.

The Chamber of Detachment is a Jedi Meditation Chamber players especially don't want to miss as it awards the Patience Perk. This perk regenerates the player's health when Slow Time (not to be confused with Slow Mode) is activated in combat, making it incredibly useful at all points in the game. But like all Jedi Meditation chambers, completing the Chamber of Detachment isn't easy.

To locate the Chamber of Detachment, players must fast-travel to the Mountain Ascent Meditation Point on Koboh. Cal must then run right and Dash through the three green barriers. After the barriers have been cleared, he must jump down the cliff and run straight toward the waterfall. And in the classic video game trope, players will find the Chamber of Detachment hidden behind the waterfall. Once inside, it's time to solve the puzzle. Here's an easy solution to the Chamber of Detachment puzzle in "Star Wars Jedi: Survivor."

Push and pull the blocks

Players will notice a movable giant stone on the far wall when entering the main chamber room. First, players must use the Force to move the stone away from the wall to reveal a secret room. Then players must pull the orb out of the newly opened room and throw it into the Orb Amplifier behind the spinning stone wall on the opposite side of the room. This will shine a laser across the chamber.

The next step in solving the puzzle is to clear the Koboh Matter on the chamber wall. Using BD-1's Grinder, players must coat the block's side facing the laser in Koboh Matter. Then players need to Force Push the block through the laser to the back wall to burn through its Koboh Matter. This maneuver will reveal a second block.

The final step requires precise timing and a lot of patience. Players have to get the first block onto the lift platform. But to lower the platform, the trigger plate in the middle of the room must have weight on it. To solve this puzzle, players must push the second block onto the trigger as the first block moves toward the lift coming down. Once the block is on the lift platform, push the second block towards the lifted block to create a climbable surface. Then all that's left is for the player to climb up the blocks and pick up their reward at the top.