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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Rancor Fight: Cal Can Borrow One Of Luke Skywalker's Best Tricks

Players will have to fight several deadly enemies in "Star Wars Jedi: Survivor," but one of the more difficult battles is against the infamous Rancor beast. This fight is available early on in the game, but some might prefer to wait until they upgrade Cal's healing resources a bit before attempting to take it on as the beast's attacks are incredibly powerful, and defeating it can be quite challenging.

Fans of the "Star Wars" films will remember the Rancor as a giant monster that lived in the pit beneath Jabba the Hutt's palace. The space gangster kept a trap door in the center of his throne room, which he would use to drop his enemies and anyone else who displeased him down into the beast's lair to be devoured — until Luke Skywalker killed it, that is.

Luke's fight against the Rancor was certainly a memorable one. It was his first opportunity to show off some of his newly-honed skills as a Jedi, but he also displayed a fair bit of ingenuity and resourcefulness in the battle. There was one particularly memorable moment in which Luke was picked up by the beast and was about to be eaten, but then he used a large bone from one of the creature's previous meals to lodge its massive jaw open and escape. It seems that Cal Kestis utilizes a similar trick in "Survivor."

Cal throws the Rancor a bone

Most of the fight against the Rancor revolves around cautiously avoiding the creature's massive attacks while searching for brief openings to do some damage. This has to be done quickly before rushing back out of the creature's range to safety. These windows usually only give Cal enough time to deal one or two hits before needing to avoid the Rancor's next swing. Fortunately, Cal can take a page of Luke's book in order to open the window for a bit longer.

At any point in the battle, the player can force-pull one of the big femur bones on the cave floor and then launch it into the Rancor's mouth. This will stun the beast for a few precious seconds, creating a much longer opening that can give Cal time to deal a significant chunk of damage.

This can be extremely helpful given how punishing the game's combat can be, but it's also just fun to see Cal using one of Luke's old tricks in the heat of battle. One of the ads for the game that came out prior to the release of "Star Wars Jedi: Survivor" featured Mark Hamill training Cameron Monaghan in the way of the Jedi. The ad was clearly intended as a joke, but perhaps certain elements of Cal's fighting style were actually influenced by the young Skywalker.