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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How To Find The Jedi Robes

There are a ton of cosmetics in "Star Wars Jedi: Survivor," both for Cal Kestis and for his trusty droid companion BD-1. None of them offer any sort of buffs to Cal's abilities, but they can be a lot of fun for players who wish to customize the young Jedi's appearance. Hunting these different cosmetics can also pad out the game's already substantial run time, allowing players to stay longer in that galaxy far, far away. Those who wish to make Cal look like a true member of the Jedi order will probably want to get their hands on a set of Jedi Robes. These carefully crafted linens were emblematic of the order. Their simple design was meant to represent the Jedi's detachment from the material in favor of serving the will of the Force. Cal certainly has the moves to be a Jedi, but his life on the run from the empire made it so he never really had the opportunity to look the part.


The Jedi Robes can only be obtained after completing the main story objective: Jedha — Reach Pilgrim's Sanctuary. Once this mission is completed, players will have access to a new area and will be able to start their search for the iconic robes. Here's where to find them.

The robes are located in the Crypt of Uhrma

Once Reach Pilgrim's Sanctuary is completed, a location called the Crypt of Uhrma will be unlocked in the Pilgrim's Path region. This is on Level A, near the center of the region on the holomap. From the meditation point, players should head into the large stone building with the big rectangular doorway located to the right when facing the stairs. There will be a couple of Storm Troopers waiting inside. Once they're taken care of, head up the staircase that curves along the wall. Once players reach the top, they should not go down the hallway. Instead, they should run along the curved wall right where the small platform at the top of the stairs ends and then jump to an opening in the wall on the other side. Here, they will find a chest containing the Jedi Robes.


The robes serve as a jacket in the cosmetics menu and can therefore be paired with different shirts and pants. The Jedi Robes also have six different color variations: Gray, blue, yellow, red, green, and black. Each of these also bears subtle but distinct designs, giving the robes a wide variety of looks that allow players a lot of room to customize Cal's appearance.