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GTA Online Stash House Safe Code: Where To Find It And The Rewards You Get

As a continuation of the Los Santos Drug Wars update, players can now raid drug Stash Houses in "GTA Online." Stash Houses are daily events that spawn at one of 25 random locations around Los Santos. To locate their daily Stash House, players must head toward the icon on the map that looks like a purple house with a crosshair in the middle.


This event tasks players with infiltrating an NPC-populated building and taking down four to five armed enemies lying in wait. Although the loot the no-named goons drop is nice, the real rewards are found inside a locked safe on the premises. Players must find and input a six-digit code hidden nearby to unlock the safe.

Thankfully for impatient gamers, there is a trick to unlocking these safes without finding the code. Below are instructions on how to find the Stash House safe codes in "GTA Online," along with every possible combination.

Find the note or input these codes

After players take down the guards and locate the safe, they can begin their search for the unlock code. Players can find the safe code on a small yellow Post-it note stuck somewhere around the Stash House. These Post-it notes can be found almost anywhere, including on walls, cabinets, stairs, and tables. And because there are so many locations for it to spawn, these codes can sometimes be hard to locate. Thankfully, there is a trick that bypasses all the searching.


There are only ten possible codes for the safe. So, players can essentially brute force the lock by punching in every code on this list:

  • 28-11-97
  • 77-79-73
  • 44-23-37
  • 28-03-98
  • 73-27-38
  • 72-68-83
  • 24-10-81
  • 05-02-91
  • 02-12-87
  • 01-23-45

Although punching in potentially ten codes will take some time, this trick is handy for anyone struggling to locate their safe code.

The rewards for completing this event make it worth adding to any player's daily "GTA Online" routine. Upon completing a Stash House raid, the player will get one of their randomly chosen businesses maxed out on Supplies. In addition, the business will be infused with a random amount of cash.

On the other hand, non-business owners will get 1000 RP and $30,000 sent directly to them after completing a Stash House event. This makes the event a bit less profitable for non-business owners. So, if a player hasn't started a business yet, there is even more of a reason to get it done ASAP.