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How To Become A CEO In GTA Online

There's no shortage of things to do in "Grand Theft Auto Online" while players are waiting for "GTA 6." Players can goof around in minigames, complete contracts, or just take a relaxing drive around the city. But for players that want to accumulate a lot of wealth, one thing they need to do is become a CEO. Since the "Finance and Felony" expansion, players can assume the CEO role. Players can become a CEO by starting their own businesses. However, it takes some seed money initially, so users may need to work for someone else or take on some heists to get enough capital to start their own business.

Once a player starts their own business, they become the CEO and are responsible for managing and growing the business. But the process can be confusing, as the in-game tutorial doesn't do a great job of explaining it. So, here's how eager up-and-comers can buy a business and assume the position of CEO.

Buy a business and become a CEO

Thankfully, becoming a CEO is a straightforward process that can be completed in less than five minutes, as long as the player has the funds to do so. The first step is to ensure players are not the president of any faction, like a Motorcycle Club, before attempting to become a CEO. If they are, they can enter the Interaction Menu and opt to stop the faction's activities for the time being.

Then, players can open their smartphone and select the internet app, heading over to the Money and Services tab. From here, players need to scroll down and select 'www.dynasty8executivereality.com.' There, players can choose which property to purchase from the map. Once a location is selected, players can choose to modify decor, personnel, or organization name. And they can also optionally buy upgrades like a gun locker, safe, garage, and private accommodations. Once everything is set up, players must open up the Interaction Menu, select SecuroServ, then Register as a CEO. Now, players can kick back and enjoy a new life as a CEO, raking in the dough through the new ventures offered by the business.

Players must use the computer on the property to access everything available to a CEO. In addition, if the player opts for an assistant, they can be found at the office entrance and can help with smaller tasks.