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Octopath Traveler 2: The Stone Of Truth Lies Beneath The Wall (What Does It Do?)

Osvald may be the official scholar in "Octopath Traveler 2" — which is a solid sequel to the previous title — but players can assign the position as a secondary job to just about anyone. After all, being a scholar has its perks: Scholars can use their elemental magic to attack multiple enemies in one go, and it allows players to use Advanced Magic and Alephan's Wisdom to boost an ally two and three times respectively. Spellcasting is incredibly useful, but even more so when you have perks like Advanced Magic — or the Stone of Truth — to increase each spell's effectiveness. Indeed, the Stone of Truth gives users a permanent boost to their spell intensity during any battle.


While, technically, it lowers the effectiveness of every hit, each spell will hit multiple times, which ends up with greater damage (and is therefore worth the effort to nab this handy little item). Whether using an offensive spell or trying to heal allies, the Stone of Truth is a perfect buff in any spellcaster's arsenal, be they Scholar or Cleric. As handy as this stone is, it may be a challenge to unlock. Players will have to defeat the Dread Wolf (one of the hardest bosses in the game) for the path to the stone to be clear.

Unlock the Infernal Castle and collapse the bridge Beneath the Wall with seven people

To start, head to the Southern Stormhail Snows, and use companions who can recruit NPC followers. It takes seven people to break the bridge that has to collapse to find the Stone, but the more the merrier, so feel free to bring eight. And don't worry — once players enter the dungeon, they can switch out their company to whomever they want.


Head to the bridge Beneath the Wall, and gird thy loins. The bridge will collapse, but players can get out by climbing the fallen bridge. However, to get the Stone, head down (southwards) and then left. Go down again, then left, and then left again rather than down. Keep heading down until the junction splits left and right. Go right and then keep heading down.

Finally, players will come to the Dread Wolf. The Dread Wolf will summon mini-but-still-giant wolves and primarily use physical attacks, so plan accordingly. Both Throné and Partitio can dodge physical attacks, so they may be good additions to any party. Advanced Magic will also be useful to make sure elemental attacks do twice the damage. Hikari's Frenzied Fire will also be helpful as it too will fire multiple hits.


Once the Dread Wolf is defeated, head to the back of the chamber where the chest is located to grab the Stone of Truth and take advantage of that sweet passive boost to magic.