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Fallout TV Leak Shows Off The Games' Creepiest NPCs

Mass media adaptations of video games are more popular than ever as shows like "The Last of Us" and films like "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" prove their appeal beyond the typical gaming audience. There are plenty of video game adaptations coming out in the next few years, like this year's "Gran Turismo" and the yet-to-be-cast "God of War" series for Amazon. Amazon has another video game adaptation up its sleeve that fans have been looking forward to since it was announced in 2020: "Fallout." 

The "Fallout" series doesn't have a release date yet, and only has one official image released back in 2022 as a 25th-anniversary gift to "Fallout" fans. But fans have a pretty good idea of what to expect thanks to a number of photos leaked over the years. So far, the "Fallout" TV show leaks have only shown sets and props, but on May 4, 2023, a set of four new images gave fans a first look at some of the series' most iconic character designs and set pieces.

The leaked photos, uploaded May 5 by Twitter user Idle Sloth, show two characters – a Ghoul and an unnamed man, both donned in the blue and yellow Vault-Tec jumpsuits the "Fallout" series is known for. Other images also show off a terminal, which is used for hacking and computer skills in the games, and what appears to be a set for the entrance to Vault 33, where the "Fallout" adaptation is set to take place. These leaked photos are just the latest in a series of behind-the-scenes images.

Fans wonder whether the Ghoul - and the leaks - are real

What's particularly interesting about this most recent batch of "Fallout" show leaks is that it's hard to tell whether the Ghoul is a puppet or a real person in makeup. Users on the "Fallout" TV show subreddit questioned whether the Ghoul would be played by an actor or function as an animatronic. Though we don't know who will play who, several actors have already been cast for the show, including Kyle MacLachlan of "Twin Peaks," Ella Purnell of "Arcane," and Walton Goggins of "The Hateful Eight." 

In the games, Ghouls are particularly creepy and terrifying to look at, but it's hard to argue that they are some of the series' most iconic, and even beloved, NPCs. Goggins was thought by many to have been cast as a Ghoul in Amazon's "Fallout" adaptation, but the Ghoul shown in the leaks was described as looking like a prop by fans. One user theorized that image in particular could be a screen test to see how fully-applied makeup would look on camera. 

But without any other official information to go off of, it's unclear how the images relate to the show. Though unlikely, some pointed out that the Ghoul looks eerily similar to Vecna from "Stranger Things" fourth season – which could be a sign that these leaked images aren't real. The images of the Vault and the computer terminal are very convincingly authentic to the style of the games, though.