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This Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Boss Fight Is Practically Impossible

"Star Wars Jedi: Survivor," much like it's predecessor, is an extraordinarily difficult game at times. Thanks to its Metroidvania progression and Souls-like mechanics, players must learn to slash, Force push, and parry like a true Jedi to beat the game's tough-as-nails enemies. But there's one boss in the game who stands above the rest as being truly stressful.

Back in 2019, "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order" players were introduced to a big pain in the Jedi robes named Oggdo Bogdo. This huge, frog-looking creature can be encountered relatively early in the game on the planet Bogano, where it will no doubt make short work of Cal Kestis. At that point in the story, Cal's Jedi powers hadn't quite been recovered, so he's not much of a match for Oggdo Bogdo's leaping attacks and deadly tongue. Unless players make the choice to come back and face Oggdo Bogdo later in the game, the frog creature is liable to decimate Cal in just one or two hits.

Many players took slaying the creature as a matter of pride, respawning again and again to take on Oggdo Bogdo and become the true apex predator on Bogano. Well, as it turns out, Oggdo Bogdo had a kid — and that wicked offspring might be the most frustrating boss fight in "Star Wars Jedi: Survivor."

Spawn of Oggdo can be infuriating early on

The aptly-named Spawn of Oggdo can be encountered relatively early during Cal's exploration of Koboh, but much like its father, Spawn of Oggdo is not an easy enemy to take down. You're going to want to upgrade your Health Stims and max out some of your Force abilities before you even think about facing him. Spawn of Oggdo has a number of attacks that will kill Cal with one hit, many of which are unblockable. Basically, if you see Spawn of Oggdo start to glow red, get out of its way or double-jump over it when it lunges. If you get snagged by the beast's tongue, you might as well reload from your last save. Because of these attacks — and the fact that you're really going to want to upgrade Cal's loadout before you face him — Spawn of Oggdo is all but impossible to beat in the early hours of the game.

The name of the game here is patience. Players will need to really pay attention to the frenzied frog monster to learn its patterns and the wind-ups for each attack. It is possible to defeat Spawn of Oggdo, but the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree — many players may find themselves rage-quitting before they best this slimy foe.