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Why MrBeast Supposedly Bought An Entire Neighborhood

MrBeast is well known for his outrageous stunts, the crazy amounts of money he spends on many of his videos, and for his philanthropy. It looks like the popular stream is outdoing himself, however, with his latest move that involves buying up an entire neighborhood.


The New York Post recently broke the story that MrBeast has spent several years buying houses in a North Carolina neighborhood, beginning with the one he currently resides in. It seems that, despite being one of the most successful streamers ever and a multimillionaire, capable of spending millions of dollars on a single video, MrBeast prefers to live in a normal house in a quiet suburb near where he grew up. He didn't stop there, however. Since he bought his own home in 2018, he's expanded outward, buying five more neighboring houses.

These houses aren't for the streamer himself, though. These homes are for the sake of his family and employees.

MrBeast is buying the neighborhood to live near his family and employees

According to reporting by the New York Post, MrBeast explained to one of the homeowners he bought from that he wanted these houses for his family and his coworkers. It seems that his charity and sense of giving go beyond his videos, and he's also looking out for those closest to him.


MrBeast has clearly put a great deal of time, effort, and money into this particular project as many of these purchases required extended negotiation, and he almost always paid above market value to seal the deal. Further, three of the five houses weren't even up for sale at the time, so MrBeast had to convince these homeowners to consider moving when they hadn't been planning on it.

It's unknown how much further MrBeast wants to go with this endeavor. He is, apparently, in negotiation for another house, though the owner in this case is reluctant to sell. If this deal were concluded, it would bring MrBeast's total of house purchases to seven, including his own. If he decided to buy even more houses in the area, his family and employees could soon become a community unto themselves. 


It's not clear who, if anyone, has moved into all these houses yet, but the streamer does have plenty of employees who contribute to his videos, so there will likely be more than a few interested parties. This endeavor by MrBeast should make lots of people happy and reaffirm his commitment to giving back. This latest undertaking is, arguably, all the more meaningful as he's clearly not doing it for a video to get views. He seems genuinely motivated by a desire to help those close to him.