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How Zelda's Producer Thinks You Should Play Tears Of The Kingdom

There is so much to do in "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" that it can sometimes become overwhelming. Couple that with the fact that players can complete the game's major dungeons in any order means no two gamers' playthroughs will look identical. For example, one gamer may be dead set on speedrunning the story, and no number of Bubbulfrogs can distract them from their goal. On the other hand, another player may find more enjoyment in spending hours on end building crazy (and sometimes hilariously provocative) creations using the Fuse ability.


But according to "The Legend of Zelda" producer Eiji Aonuma, there is a correct way to play the game — and he only came to this realization after beating the game over twenty times, so if anyone is an expert, it's him. Aonuma urges players not to rush ahead to the end of the game. Instead, he thinks players will have more fun taking their time and exploring everything the game has to offer at their own pace.

He thinks players shouldn't rush to the end

In celebration of the game's release, Nintendo uploaded a Q and A with some of the top "Tears of the Kingdom" developers. And one of the answers given by series producer Eiji Aonuma may surprise gamers. When asked what players should focus on in "Tears of the Kingdom," Aonuma replied, "I've played this game from start to finish about 20 times, and I can say that it's more fun with detours, even more so than in the previous game." He stated that when he first started debugging "Tears of the Kingdom," he would sprint to the end to finish the game ASAP. But Aonuma explained that on later playthroughs, he chose to take it slow by spending time exploring and experimenting. He stated that he found that approach very enjoyable and encouraged other gamers to try it.


Aonuma even laughed and said that this approach made the game feel entirely different from the versions he played when he was speedrunning through the game. The legendary game producers concluded the interview with a plea to gamers to "take detours and try out whatever you can at the time," for a more enjoyable experience. And many gamers will have no issue with that. There is so much to do in "Tears of the Kingdom," it can be hard not to get distracted sometimes.