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Tears Of The Kingdom Might Have Introduced Zelda's First Gay Character

No "Legend of Zelda" game would be complete without a few callbacks or returning characters – and because "Tears of the Kingdom" is a direct sequel to "Breath of the Wild," there are more than a few familiar faces. Many of these returning characters are fan favorites, like the now 22-year-old Purah and her partner-in-research Robbie, but some were not as well known. Thanks to new information revealed in "Tears of the Kingdom," fan theories are spreading that Nintendo has finally introduced its first practically-confirmed gay character to the "Zelda" series.

Spoilers for Tears of the Kingdom ahead!

In Fort Hateno in "Breath of the Wild," Link came across a researcher who studies shrines and ancient history. Here, Doctor Calip is found stumped by a riddle involving a nearby Cursed Statue, but he only accepts Link's help if he refers to him by his title. But years later in "Tears of the Kingdom," Calip is found once again, this time a little bit east of Hateno in Kakariko Village. He's now a member of the Zonai Survey Team, which has a base in Kakariko Village. It's here in this base that players can find Calip's journal — ahem, Doctor Calip's journal — which reveals his innermost feelings, and professional admiration, for fellow Zonai Survey Team member Tauro.

Though the journal doesn't literally say Doctor Calip is gay — and the series is certainly no stranger to flamboyant characters — it's the way that Calip writes about Tauro that has "Zelda" fans fawning over his very obvious love for his fellow researcher.

Doctor Calip's diary reveals his inner feelings for Tauro

In Kakariko Village, in the Zonai Survey Team Base, players can find Doctor Calip's journal on an upper floor next to a bookshelf. Calip's journal doesn't directly say he's gay, but as Kotaku described, it's the way he writes about Tauro, like "the way you write about someone you long for." The entry has an air of both romance and professional respect, but it reveals that Tauro is, in fact, the entire reason why Calip joined the Zonai Survey Team at all. The entry reads –

While Tauro and I were taking a break, he asked me, "Hey, Calip, what attracted you to join the Zonai Survey Team? A little flustered, I answered that I heard its research division was led by a brilliant man by the name of Tauro. Because of you, essentially. I meant it sincerely, and in my heart, I longed to continue... You're not like these other dullards, you know. You immediately grasp the breadth of my vision. Of course, no such thing passed my lips.

It's hard to read into that entry as anything other than a deep romantic interest, and indeed throughout their shared questline players see the neurotic doc show a different side whenever Tauro is around. The queer community has long found comfort in the "Zelda" series, even recently in "Breath of the Wild" with characters like Bolson and the Gerudo outfit. Though Nintendo has historically denied any rumors about gay characters in its games, "Tears of the Kingdom" could be the first step in a new direction for the company's attitude towards LGBTQ+ characters.