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Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions Has Already Been Leaked By A Streamer

"Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions" was only just announced on April 17, but a streamer has already leaked some of its gameplay. An exclusive limited playtest for the competitive online game went live on May 20, allowing a select group of players to try out an early version of "Quidditch Champions."

The leak appears to have been in direct violation of a non-disclosure agreement that all players must agree to in order to become part of the playtest. For whatever reason, as reported by Insider-Gaming, one streamer chose to break that agreement almost immediately, showing off the in-development title on their channel.

The streamer's video was taken down quickly, but that didn't stop viewers from capturing and sharing some of the footage that was leaked. Clips of the gameplay from their stream rapidly migrated to other locations on the internet, but it appears that these are likewise being taken down nearly as quickly as they're going up. Even so, numerous fans and news outlets are already discussing the newly revealed gameplay elements from the leak. Despite the broken NDA, it sounds like some fans are excited about the finer details of "Quidditch Champions."

Fans are already getting excited for Quidditch World Champions

Sportskeeda reports that one of the clips revealed a customization screen, where players could choose between many of the players from the original novels, including Draco Malfoy, Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter himself. This screen also reportedly allows players to customize their broom and the victory animations that their characters will perform when they achieve an objective in the game.

One Reddit thread, which originally contained clips from the leak (now removed), contains comments from fans who already seem to be formulating opinions based on what they saw of the new game. Some were impressed by the animations, while others were less than enthusiastic about its cartoonish design, unfavorably comparing it to the more photorealistic "Hogwarts Legacy." Some have even gone as far as to suggest that it looks like "Rocket League" — just if it were played in the open sky.

Of course, "Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions" is still far from complete, which is likely why Warner Bros. had play-testers sign an NDA in the first place. Much of what's been seen so far is subject to change, so players won't really know what the final product will look like until it's officially released.