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The Best Amiibo Rewards In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

While not necessarily the most expensive amiibo you can find, there are a lot of different amiibo that are compatible with "Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom." Using these on the Nintendo Switch in conjunction with the game can grant all kinds of rewards. Most of them give the player a fabric that can be used to customize Link's paraglider. This might not affect the gameplay all that much, but a large portion of "Tears of the Kingdom" involves Link using his paraglider to soar around the floating sky islands over Hyrule and explore the game's massive map. This means that players will be spending a lot of time staring at that scrap of fabric — and many will probably appreciate being able to customize its appearance.


Amiibo offer even more rewards though. Players can use certain figures to get their hands on rare armor sets that grant special bonuses and unique weapons that deal significant damage. What's more, these rewards can be collected daily. That's important since a lot of the equipment in "Tears of the Kingdom" breaks after prolonged use.

There are dozens of amiibo to choose from, however, and some of the items that players can get are definitely better than others. That's no big deal for gamers who already have a sizable collection of the figures, but others who are thinking about adding to their collection might be interested in learning which ones offer the best rewards.

Skyward Sword Link

Those who have access to the 30th Anniversary "Skyward Sword" Link amiibo will be able to get the Of The Sky clothing set. This is Link's iconic green tunic and cap paired with tan pants and boots. The outfit's appearance in the game is very similar to the one featured on the amiibo itself. This makes it an excellent choice for those who wish to play through "Tears of the Kingdom" with a version of Link that has a more classic feel.


In addition to the outfit, players can also get a weapon called The White Sword of the Sky, which deals 24 damage. That might not seem like a lot compared to some of the weapons found in the later parts of the game, but it's one of the more powerful one-handed swords that can be obtained through an amiibo. This makes it ideal for players who prefer speed over force.

Then there's the fabric. The one that comes with the "Skyward Sword" Link amiibo is called Sword Spirit. It is purple and blue and has the golden diamond from the Master Sword printed at its center. It's not quite as exciting as some of the other fabrics, but it's a nice addition nonetheless.

Super Smash Bros. Zelda

A lot of the different "Zelda" amiibo come with swords and armor sets, but ones that offer a decent bow are harder to come by. That's a shame because a good ranged weapon can really make all the difference in "Tears of the Kingdom." That disparity is also what makes the "Super Smash Bros." Zelda figure pretty unique though. Players who use this amiibo will be able to unlock the Dusk Bow — a weapon that can otherwise only be obtained by climbing to the very top of the tallest tower in Hyrule Castle. This extremely stylish weapon deals 30 damage, making it one of the most powerful bows in the game. Not only that, but it actually glows while Link carries it on his back. This makes it very worthwhile for those who have an amiibo that grants a never-ending supply.


Players who use this amiibo will also be able to get the Princess of Twilight fabric. This gold and purple fabric has a Triforce symbol surrounded by some designs inspired by "Twilight Princess" adorning its surface. It's understated but has a nice, classic feel to it.

Twilight Princess Link/Super Smash Bros. Link

There are two Link amiibo that can be used to summon the Hylian warrior's most trusted steed. The "Twilight Princess" edition Link and "Super Smash Bros." edition Link can both be used to get the horse, Epona. These two amiibo yield the exact same rewards, so either one will work. It's recommended that players use this amiibo while they are near a stable so that they will be able to save Epona there once she arrives.


These amiibo can also be used to get the Of Twilight armor set. This is very similar to the classic green and white Of The Sky Set, but there are a few minor differences. Most notably, the bracers are larger and have some decorative designs on them. This gives it a slightly more realistically armored appearance than some of the others.

Both amiibo (and the "Twilight Princess" Wolf-Link amiibo) grant the Mirror of Twilight Fabric — which is arguably the coolest one in the entire game. It is a black fabric with a Triforce symbol at its center surrounded by a mandala-like design of expanding circles. What makes this fabric so interesting is that it actually glows while Link uses it to glide through Hyrule's night sky.


Majora's Mask Link

One of the best item reward combos in the game comes from the "Majora's Mask" Link amiibo. This figure comes with a lot of goodies. To start, it allows players to get the Fierce Deity armor set. Not only does this grant Link the pale blue tunic under ornate metal chest armor that he gained from the Fierce Deity Mask in "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask," but it also gives our hero the striking white hair and glowing-eyed appearance that he had when he wore it. Every piece of this armor also gives the Attack Up bonus, actively making Link stronger while he wears it.


On top of that, this amiibo can unlock the Fierce Deity Sword which, likewise, has the same infinity design that it had in "Majora's Mask." Aside from looking super cool, this sword also deals 38 attack damage. That makes it one of the most powerful non-constructed weapons in the game. It's pretty large as well, which means it naturally has quite a bit of reach.

Finally, players can also get the Majora's Mask fabric which gives the paraglider the iconic purple and red appearance of the original mask from the game. It doesn't glow like the Mirror of Twilight fabric, but it's pretty eye-catching all the same.