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These Are The Most Expensive Amiibo You Can Find

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Love them or hate them, amiibo are here to stay. Nintendo introduced the small figurines, which could be used with the WiiU, 3DS, and later the Switch, back in 2014, but no one foresaw how cutthroat the amiibo community would become. As with any collectible, some fans took things too far. The "Skyward Sword HD" amiibo sold out immediately, leaving buyers to roam resell sites like eBay in search of one they could afford. Prices jumped from $25 to over $100 seemingly overnight. "Metroid Dread" amiibo experienced a similar price surge, shooting up to about $300 for the Collector's Edition preorder, which includes a set of amiibo. 


In many games, linking an amiibo with your system unlocks a special cosmetic or perk. For example, "Animal Crossing" players can use an amiibo to summon a specific villager for a visit. However, other games use amiibo to grant benefits. In "Skyward Sword HD," players can use an amiibo to unlock fast travel, a benefit many gamers consider to be a simple quality of life feature.

Regardless of whether an amiibo is a collector's item or a useful tool in-game, gamers want them, and often drive the resale value of the tiny figures to unfathomable heights.

Solaire of Astora greets the sun

"Dark Souls" probably doesn't seem like the type of game that would support Amiibo. However, there is one special figurine that Nintendo created for the remastered "Dark Souls" — Solaire of Astora.

Solaire of Astora is a sun-worshipping character who players can summon to help them defeat the final boss of the game. Of course, as with any Souls game, there's a choice, and players could end up dooming Solaire of Astora to madness.


Players can use the Solaire of Astora Amiibo to unlock the "Praise the Sun" gesture, which was one of the best gaming memes of the last decade. The gesture can be unlocked through normal gameplay as well, but sometimes you just want to show your appreciation to the sun first thing. On eBay, the Solaire of Astora Amiibo runs for about $80-$100, depending on its quality and whether it's in original packaging or not.

Mega Yarn Yoshi out cuddles the competition

"Yoshi Woolly World" introduced the handcrafted aesthetic to Yoshi's many adventures, paving the way for "Yoshi's Crafted World" on the Nintendo Switch. Because the cutely knitted creatures of "Woolly World" were too adorable to leave inside a video game, Nintendo created several Amiibo to go with it. One of those, Mega Yarn Yoshi, has a wild resale value that might shock fans of the tiny green dinosaur.


While players can buy a miniature sized Yoshi for about $25, Mega Yarn Yoshi will set collectors back about $200 or more on eBay. Of course, Mega Yarn Yoshi is no normal Amiibo. Instead of being made of rigid plastic, Mega Yarn Yoshi is knitted out of soft fibers, just like his in-game counterpart. In addition to being a great snuggling companion, the Amiibo unlocks a giant version of Yoshi in "Yoshi's Woolly World," providing players with an advantage in-game as well. At the very least, Mega Yarn Yoshi provides a dual cuddling/gaming experience, giving players more bang for their (200 or so) bucks.

Boxboy requires a box full of cash

The "Boxboy" series came to a close in 2017 with the release of "Bye-bye, Boxboy!," but that doesn't mean the demand for the minimalistic Boxboy Amiibo ended. The small, white cube doesn't provide much in the way of decoration, but it does hold an important place in many Amiibo collections.


Boxboy is currently listed for over $300 on eBay, where it still attracts buyers from across the globe. The Amiibo was originally created to use with "Bye-bye, Boxboy!" According to Mon Amiibo, the Boxboy Amiibo unlocks a variety of visual filters and a Qucy costume when linked with the 3DS game, which gives players an unlimited amount of hints and boxes. While there is a way to unlock the Qucy costume without the Amiibo, it makes the process much easier and allows players to experience perks earlier in the game.

Finding the Boxboy Amiibo might prove difficult, as it's only available via resale at this time. Still, if you have $300+ to spare and want an adorable cube boy on your shelf, Boxboy is out there and ready to get comfy in any Amiibo collection.


Metroid: Other M is hard to find

The "Metroid" series has a wide variety of games, some good, some bad. However, gamers who managed to snag the Samus and Metroid double Amiibo pack are true winners, and reselling those figurines might just land collectors enough cash to buy a ticket off of Zebes.


The double pack of Amiibo costs almost $300 on Amazon, though prices can range a little higher or lower elsewhere. Some reviewers noted that it felt unfair that players needed the Amiibo to unlock specific features in games, like energy tanks in "Metroid: Samus Returns."

Though the "Metroid 2" remake was just fine, paying hundreds of dollars for the Amiibo might be out of many gamers' budgets. However, with new Amiibo accompanying the upcoming "Metroid: Dread," players might get to relive the panic all over again. Hopefully, the new Amiibo won't lock away important game boosting benefits, but fans will have to wait until October to find out for sure.