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New Spider-Man 2 Trailer Embraces Spidey's Dark Side

"Spider-Man" is back — and this time, he is not alone. Fellow web-slinger Miles Morales joins the fray alongside Peter Parker in "Marvel's Spider-Man 2" (just not in co-op). Together the two must take down Kraven, the big game hunter and one of the main antagonists of "Spider-man 2." And it looks like this could be their biggest fight yet: During the May 24 PlayStation Showcase, gamers got their first look at just how cruel and well-equipped Kraven the Hunter really is.


Although "Marvel's Spider-Man 2" features the same Peter Parker as the first game, he has clearly changed. In the sequel, we've learned that Spider-Man is being influenced by a new black costume, the Symbiote organism that will eventually lead to the creation of Venom. This most recent gameplay trailer shows just how corrupted Spider-Man has become after getting a taste of its power. Not only does it give him some wild new abilities, but the Symbiote also makes him more aggressive and merciless, just like in the comics.

Perhaps most alarming of all, the new preview shows that Spider-Man's friends are growing concerned over his companionship with this newfound suit.

Spider-Man isn't holding back his punches anymore

The new "Spider-Man 2" gameplay trailer gets straight into the action by immediately showing off some of Spidey's new moves. During combat, Spider-Man uses the Symbiote as an extension of himself, summoning giant tentacles that pick up enemies and throw them around. And although Spider-Man isn't known to be a killer, the Symbiote sure appears to be, as it's hard to believe someone could survive some of the attacks being dished out.


In addition to giving him new abilities, the Symbiote is clearly changing Peter Parker. This, of course, will come as no surprise to fans of the original comics. While fighting Kraven's goons, Spider-Man yells some foreboding threats and lashes out at both his enemies and Miles. It's safe to say that Peter Parker will be removing the "Friendly" from the "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man" title anytime he puts on his new suit — and his allies have taken notice.

Throughout the trailer, both Miles and Ganke show concern for Peter's change in tone. It seems that Spider-Man's struggles with the Symbiote will likely play a big role in the game's story, but gamers will have to wait until the Fall of 2023 to see how it all turns out.