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Tensions Are Boiling Over Between Grace Van Dien And FaZe Clan

Late last week, FaZe Clan announced Grace Van Dien as the latest member of its roster, with the actress and streamer signing under the official name of Faze Bluefille. Despite her initial excitement over the deal and an upbeat announcement video posted by the org on social media, not everyone has been quite so keen on her addition to the team. FaZe Rain has been one of the deal's fiercest critics, arguing that FaZe Clan only signed her because of her acting background (and specifically, her appearance in Season Four of "Stranger Things"). Grace Van Dien has denied this, arguing that even though her resume got her an initial meeting with the org, her ambitions with the group got her a spot with them.


In the days since, the feud between FaZe Rain and Grace Van Dien has only gotten more heated, with both sides trading barbs online. Neither has given an inch in the ensuing battle: FaZe Rain has continually left comments on official FaZe Clan posts to express his disappointment with the newest addition, while Van Dien has received backlash for mentioning Rain's struggles with drug addiction during her streams. 

Even a recent attempt at airing out all of their grievances in person seems to have backfired horribly, and now Grace Van Dien's future with FaZe Clan is in question.

FaZe Rain and Grace Van Dien's chat gets heated

On May 31, FaZe Rain posted a new video to his channel in which he finally sat down face-to-face with Grace Van Dien and went through their beef with one another. According to Rain at the top of the video, the conversation was meant to be a relaxed one, but it did not end up that way at all.


As the clip begins, FaZe Rain says to Van Dien that he was only trying to air his grievances with the org at large, but that the timing of the whole exchange wasn't ideal. Van Dien responds that she felt like he was "using [her] as [his] poster child for hate," which wasn't fair to her. Later in the video, she explains, "My entire life in the gaming industry has been like this ... And even though it's always trolling, it doesn't feel good." But even with that in mind, Van Dien says she felt she needed to unblock and meet with Rain, if for no other reason than to speak with one of her trolls one-on-one.

The meeting continued to get heated from there. Van Dien called Rain out for saying, "I wouldn't let [Grace] touch me on my drunkest night" in a video, and Rain took Van Dien to task for bringing up his struggles with addiction, which he felt was entirely too far. After explaining that he didn't mean any of the things he said about her to be taken personally — and after Grace Van Dien says she's fed up with misogyny in the industry — Rain asks, "How could you let other people hurt your feelings? Do you not believe in yourself? Are you not a confident woman?" This turned out to be the breaking point.


Grace Van Dien may quit FaZe Clan

At this point in the conversation, Grace Van Dien can be seen getting visibly upset. Her voice breaking, she then tells Rain flat out, "I don't like you. I think you're a terrible person." She tells Rain that she no longer feels she owes him any explanations for how she feels, then gets up and leaves the room. Before stepping out of the apartment completely, Grace promises that she'll quit FaZe Clan if the video of the confrontation is posted publicly. For his own part, FaZe Rain maintains throughout the clip that he sincerely meant his apologies to her, but it's unlikely that he'll attempt a meeting like this again.


While it's unclear if Van Dien is still planning on departing the org, it does seem like the brand will continue to support her in this debacle. FaZe Clan's official Twitter account posted a lengthy tweet in her defense, saying, "the mistreatment of our newest member is in no way OK."

It's clear that this beef isn't going away any time soon, but Grace Van Dien's fans will just have to wait and see if she'll stay with FaZe Clan once the dust has settled. However, it is worth noting that Van Dien has already removed any mention of FaZe Clan from her Twitter bio, as spotted by Dexerto. That's definitely not a good sign for anyone invested in her future with FaZe.