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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Hack Reveals Hints For What's Next

"Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" is a hit with critics and fans alike, to the point where everyone wondering what's next for the open-world adventure. While Nintendo hasn't officially announced any DLC or upcoming content yet, it's hard to believe such a successful game won't be expanded on in the future. After all, "Breath of the Wild" eventually got an expansion, so there's no shortage of speculation about what the future holds for the title and its hardcore fans. One YouTuber, however, may have already uncovered something more concrete than guesswork hidden in "Tears of the Kingdom."


In a recent video, YouTuber Lootward provided a complete rundown of all glider skins available in the game and something interesting stood out in the list. The video highlighted 53 different glider skins but, at the moment, only 51 are actually obtainable in the game. Two others, while present in the game's files, cannot be acquired by players without hacking the game. 

The presence of these two extra gliders would seem to indicate that Nintendo has plans to make two extra skins available in the future, possibly as part of a release of new content.

Two new skins could be coming with new amiibos

The two glider designs shown off in Lootward's video (but otherwise out of reach of players) are the Princess Zelda skin and the Gerudo King skin. Both offer cool, new looks for Link's glider and their reveal has fans debating when and how they'll become available in the future.


While some fans in the video's comments have suggested that these skins could be made available in future DLC, the majority seem convinced that this content will be unlocked in a different way. Specifically, they believe that the new gliders will be unlocked through upcoming amiibo.

Some fans have noted the two skins' files seem to have ID numbers that correspond to amiibo designations. Further, "Tears of the Kingdom" has made extensive use of amiibo rewards already, including other glider skins. Given these facts, it seems very likely that these hidden skins are tied to amiibos that may soon be coming out.

Nothing is confirmed yet, of course, but there's no doubt that these skins are present in the game and could be made available soon. Players will have to keep an eye out for new amiibo or announcements from Nintendo regarding future content expansions.