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Mackie DLZ Creator Review: Elevating Streaming & Content Creation Audio

If you're an audiophile or even just a casual consumer of podcasting and video content, you're likely familiar with the Mackie brand. Known for delivering professional-grade audio products, Mackie has launched the DLZ Creator, a device that changes the content creation game. It's the first module to incorporate Network Device Interface (NDI) technology, a groundbreaking feature for anyone looking to step up their audio game. Whether you're a home-based streamer or an on-the-go content creator or podcaster, the DLZ Creator is a versatile, all-in-one tool.


SVG got to check out the DLZ creator to put it through its paces and see how well the unit can elevate your audio content through real-world applications such as podcasting and YouTube video production. The verdict? We were absolutely enchanted by the DLZ Creator's capabilities, which might be a weird thing to say about an audio interface and digital mixer, but if you're a serious streamer, content creator, or musician, you know exactly what we're talking about.

Design and build

As soon as you unbox the DLZ Creator, you'll be struck by its sleek, robust design. If you're working with limited desk space, you're in luck — the all-in-one design of this device means you can say goodbye to juggling multiple pieces of equipment. In fact, when you set it up on your workspace, you'll notice you've reclaimed quite a bit of valuable real estate.


This is a device that grows with you. The adaptable control modes of Easy, Enhanced, and Pro allow you to tailor your usage depending on your needs and overall experience with audio production. While it's relatively easy to get up and running straight out of the box, the learning curve is pretty steep when it comes to the more advanced modes. However, if you're actually serious about your stream or content audio, it's well worth the time investment to dive into the user's manual so that you can learn the ins and outs of the module and utilize it effectively.

When it comes to mixing, imagine you want to record a podcast or vodcast episode featuring multiple guests. This could easily turn into an audio nightmare, but the DLZ Creator makes it really easy to manage. Thanks to the Mix Agent feature, you have a personal audio assistant that will guide you through the setup and help you manage multiple mics in real time. That way, you can focus more on the conversation and less on the technicalities.


Software and connectivity

The integration of NDI technology is pretty slick. Let's say you have a podcast co-host or collaborator who's located miles away. With NDI, you can both share high-quality, low-latency audio in real-time. During our testing, the results were surprisingly impeccable, proving that geographical distance is no longer an obstacle to creating collaborative content. Even phone calls sound great through the device (with audio being able to be connected via Bluetooth).


One of the standout features is the onboard monitoring system. You don't have to toggle between the device and a separate PC application to check your audio levels (although that is still entirely an option). You can monitor everything directly on the device's high-resolution touchscreen. The interface and controls are designed to give you the feeling that you're in command of a near-professional recording studio, something that's incredibly empowering for any content creator.

The DLZ Creator is also highly versatile, catering to your specific content creation needs. Whether you prefer to record directly to your computer via USB-C or want a self-contained setup using an SD card, you can do either. This is a device that adapts to your workflow rather than forcing you to adapt to it, which is probably its biggest draw.


As of this writing, the DLZ Creator comes with the latest Firmware 1.1, which adds not just multilanguage support but also the much-anticipated NDI functionality. Mackie promises future updates as well, such as multichannel support. This makes the DLZ Creator an adaptable and future-proof choice for your audio needs.

Taking your audio stream to the next level

Similar to other major audio brands, Mackie offers an active Discord channel with an active community. Here, you can request new features, troubleshoot issues, and engage with other users. If you encounter any challenges or simply wish to discuss the capabilities of the DLZ Creator, the community is just a click away, ready to help you out — which beats having to scroll endlessly through online forums in hopes of finding a solution for your issue.


Priced at $799.99, the Mackie DLZ Creator is undoubtedly a major investment, but it's one that pays significant dividends. If you're committed to producing professional-level audio content, whether it's for podcasting, YouTube videos, or even music, this all-in-one device is worth every penny. Through our tests, it's clear that the DLZ Creator not only meets but often exceeds expectations, offering a range of features that can transform your audio capture experience.

From its revolutionary NDI technology to its user-friendly control features, the DLZ Creator is designed to elevate your content creation endeavors. It combines adaptability, powerful features, and robust community support to deliver unparalleled audio quality. For serious streamers and content creators looking to make a long-term investment in their craft, the Mackie DLZ Creator is a choice that promises to take your work to new professional heights.


A product sample was provided to SVG for this review. The Mackie DLZ Creator is available now from Mackie's website.