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What The Critics Are Saying About Crackdown 3

We're finally here. Nearly five years after being announced, Crackdown 3 is finally seeing its first reviews published. This is a game that's been to development hell, but somehow, managed to claw its way back out. And now it's shown up on our doorsteps. The question is, how does it look?


For the answer, we'll direct you to the various critics around the internet. Bear in mind, these reviews primarily focus on Crackdown 3's campaign, so you won't get a lot of analysis on the game's Wrecking Zone multiplayer mode. But if there's a consensus to be gleaned from what's come out so far, it's this: Crackdown 3 might be the year's most mediocre game thus far.

GameSpot's Chris Pereira: "[Crackdown 3] certainly delivers on letting you blow things up and jump around the city. However, a dozen years after the first Crackdown offered that same experience but failed to provide you with enough interesting content surrounding that, it's truly disappointing to see this latest iteration suffer from the very same problems." Score: 5/10


Polygon's Colin Campbell: "Crackdown 3 is a playpen of combat and destruction that sets itself up as a liberating journey into a barbarous fantasy of wanton mayhem. But its central proposition — the freedom to do as I please — is undermined by frustrating design compromises."

IGN's Brandin Tyrrel: "On paper, Crackdown 3's single-player campaign checks all the boxes that made the original an enjoyable game – but playing through it is about as exciting as running down a checklist and becomes downright repetitive after the first few hours. Its second-to-second combat is uninteresting outside of a couple of boss fights, and even though there's a compulsive satisfaction to be had in crossing off its many itemized activities, it's never any more than that." Score: 5/10

DualShockers' Logan Moore: "Despite how much I wanted to enjoy Crackdown 3, I can't say that it's anything but disappointing. If you're a longtime fan like I am, you still might find some redemption in collecting orbs or the simple act of leveling up your abilities, but you'll still just be left appreciating better modern open world games at the end of the day more than you'll enjoy Crackdown 3." Score: 5/10


Kotaku's Keza MacDonald: "This is total superhero wish-fulfillment, a game that requires absolutely zero thought. It flies by in a blur of explosions, shootouts and flying cars, concealing its many imperfections in a neverending whirlwind of action. It is what it is. Expect nothing more from it and you'll have a fun time."

USgamer's Tom Orry: "Crackdown 3 isn't an instant hit, but after a slow start it rapidly builds into an action-packed shooter with brilliant character control and movement. While orb collecting is the key for prolonged play, the campaign in Crackdown 3 is always entertaining and visually there's a lot to appreciate if you look at the bigger picture. Crackdown is back."

VG247's Nic Rueben: "So look, if you've got Game Pass or plan on getting it, and you're up for a few evenings of uncomplicated video game-ass video game fun, it's absolutely worth the download, no question. It genuinely feels like it was made by people who love and understand what made the original game such a cult hit ... All this said, I'd be extremely hesitant to recommend anyone part with $60 for it."

Twinfinite's Ed McGlone: "Ultimately, none of the flaws in Crackdown 3 are deal-breakers but they hold it back from being truly great. If you can look past them, and just enjoy Crackdown 3 for what it is: a game that gives you a wacky toolset to blast enemies away for 10-20 hours or more, then you'll definitely find value and fun here." Score: 3.5/5


Destructoid's Brett Makedonski: "Crackdown 3 is a good Crackdown game, which, unfortunately, doesn't mean much anymore. Modern game design has surpassed the Crackdown model by leaps and bounds — as high and far as an agent can jump. The most remarkable thing about Crackdown 3 is how unambitious it is. It's content to come off as dated, like a relic from a bygone era. That can be comforting in a way, but it's immeasurably more disappointing. Crackdown 3, just like its kin, is only a distraction and nothing more." Score: 6/10

Ars Technica's Kyle Orland: "There are better ways to get your superhero action fix, but there are worse ones, too. Crackdown 3 is at least worth a try."

It appears — at least with its campaign — that Crackdown 3 wasn't able to battle back from all of its development issues and delays. The jury is still out on multiplayer, which is an entirely different beast. We'll have to wait until the game is out in the wild to get the word on that.

Crackdown 3 launches for Xbox One tomorrow, Feb. 15.