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Who Are The Main Characters In GTA 6?

The first trailer for the new "Grand Theft Auto" game is here and fans are already jumping out of their gaming chairs with excitement. Of course, with that excitement also comes lots of questions — and answers for those questions are hard to come by this early in the development and marketing process. One of the most critical questions remains: Who are the main characters of this new game? What is their story and how will they measure up to past "Grand Theft Auto" protagonists?


Internet sleuths have been hard at work to try and learn more about the anti-heroes at the center of "GTA 6." While specifics are still sparse, there are a few details to be gleaned from the trailer, as well as some possible leaks that could illuminate the story behind Rockstar's new lead characters. Here is what we know about this match made in criminal heaven.

GTA's first female lead is named Lucia

The opening of the new trailer immediately introduces us to a character named Lucia, who is an exciting addition to the series for more than one reason. Not only does she seem like a total badass, but she will be the first playable female lead in the 3D era of "Grand Theft Auto" games.


Lucia is in jail at the start of the preview, being questioned by another woman. However, she doesn't stay there for long: By the end of the preview, we see her out of jail and in bed with a man, who seems to be our other lead character. In addition to that, Lucia is seen doing all the things one would expect of a "GTA" protagonist. She drives fast cars, robs stores, and runs from the police while holding a bundle of cash.

On the surface, Lucia looks exactly like the kind of fun and carefree protagonist that gamers have come to expect in "Grand Theft Auto" games. However, if some of the last year's leaks are to be believed though, this may not be the case. Several rumors have pointed to her being haunted by her past, as well as smarter than many of her fellow criminals.


Lucia and... Jason?

While the male lead's name isn't officially revealed in the trailer, various leaks have revealed that his name is most likely Jason. It has also been reported that he and Lucia will have a very Bonnie and Clyde-esque romatic relationship with each other. The trailer seems to lean quite heavily in that direction. Though the preview only shows a few short clips of the pair together, those moments are quite telling. The first shows the pair lying in bed together. Lucia asks Jason to trust her, with Jason responding that he does. They are also seen breaking into what looks like a grocery store, complete with bandanas covering their faces and guns drawn. They also appear to be making a hectic getaway together in another sequence.


According to rumors, Jason is going to be a bit more unrepentant than Lucia, as well as more of a comic relief type. If the leaks is true, Jason may act as a fascinating contrast to Lucia's more mature ways, filling the aforementioned role of carefree anti-hero. It should be interesting to see whether players gravitate more toward his devil may care attitude when compared to his more measured and responsible counterpart.