Cody Gerard

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Brooklyn, New York
Franklin & Marshall College
League Of Legends, Sports Games, Fantasy & Sci-Fi Games
  • Cody's favorite game is Mass Effect 2, which he fell in love with in high school and has replayed at least 10 times.
  • He wrote about esports for the websites InvenGlobal and Oracle's Elixir, using his experience as an analyst and coach to provide unique ideas about (and reviews of) current events in League esports.
  • Cody has been a sports fan his entire life — especially of the New York Mets and Rangers — and his love extends to sports video games. He still buys the new versions of Madden, EA Sports FC, and MLB The Show every year.


Cody is an experienced writer and journalist who has been writing professionally since he was in high school. His first writing job was with the fantasy football website FantasyBuzzer. He got his start in the gaming industry not by writing but as an analyst (and later a coach) in League of Legends esports. He has worked with many teams, primarily in Europe, including Team ROCCAT, Rogue, and Infinity Esports. While he still loves League of Legends and League esports, Cody has since quit coaching and has begun pursuing a master's in social work at New York University. A passionate fiction writer, Cody writes his own sci-fi and fantasy stories. He hopes to one day publish a novel in both genres.


Cody has a bachelor's degree in English, with a focus on creative writing, from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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