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Rockstar's GTA Leaks Keep Getting Worse

Rockstar Games can't seem to catch a break this month. At the very top of December, the long-awaited reveal trailer for "GTA 6" was leaked early. Now, it seems that hackers have dumped the entire source code for "Grand Theft Auto 5" onto the internet, along with a number of internal documents and development logs for other Rockstar projects. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this leak is the fact that not all of it is new. It seems these files might have sprang from the same leaks that resulted in hours of "GTA 6" footage being posted online in 2022, but this has not yet been confirmed. However, this would make a good bit of sense if it is the case, given the fact that many of the leaked files match up with previous reports from hackers and dataminers. For instance, this leak seems to confirm once and for all that Rockstar cancelled planned DLC starring "GTA 5" protagonist Trevor as a government agent. Some scant bits of "GTA 6" code have also been uncovered, confirming the oft-heard rumors that the game was at one point codenamed "Project Americas."


We may not know exactly where the leak came from, but what is known is that some of the people sharing the leaked code are doing so as a tribute to Rockstar hacker Arion Kurtaj, who was recently sentenced to an indefinite hospital stay. The owner of a Telegram channel hosting the leaks wrote (per BleepingComputer), "#FreeArionKurtaj ... He started all of this and ensured the leak would become public. I have immense respect for him. Miss you buddy." In the hours since these leaks came to light, dataminers have been poring over every last string of code to see what they can find.

GTA 5 DLC, Bully 2, and Agent leaks

In addition to the aforementioned Trevor DLC plans (which might have taken the felon to space), the leaked code also teased a return to Liberty City, the setting of "GTA 4" and other games in the series. Some fans on Reddit have speculated that this could mean that Rockstar had plans to feature "GTA 4" protagonist Nico Bellic in a supporting role, but this might just be wishful thinking. Another scrapped DLC might have expanded upon the game's prologue, giving players more time with Trevor, Michael, and Brad in the town of North Yankton. Another string of code mentions the mysterious Mt. Chiliad, which could mean that Rockstar originally planned to resolve the many bizarre clues surrounding the strangest land formation in "GTA 5."


In addition to the newer "GTA" games, some of the dumped files refer to something called "Tokyo PS2." Fans have taken this as a reference to the rumored "Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo," which never saw the light of day. Further rubbing salt in the wound are repeated references to "Bully 2," which we've known for some time was canceled during development. Elsewhere in the realm of unrealized Rockstar games, the leak also contained a very low-on-details map design from "Agent," as well as a few screenshots of various levels from the unmade spy game.

All in all, the leaked files are a fascinating peek into what Rockstar's library might have become, had the company not pivoted to focusing mainly on "GTA Online" and "GTA 6." At the very least, the sheer volume of unmade content has many fans hoping that "GTA 6" won't befall a similar fate when it comes to story expansions.


Fans react to latest Rockstar leaks

The newest leaks have been so substantial that fans are expecting Rockstar to take drastic action to ensure this never happens again. After someone managed to get the full "GTA 5" code compiled and playable on their computer, @PC_Focus on X (formerly Twitter) went so far as to say that Rockstar might think twice about releasing "GTA 6" on PC. The game's future on that platform is already a bit up in the air, but blows like this make fans wonder if Rockstar Games would even want to risk something like this in the future. @NEO_NoiseBomb posted, "It's over for GTA Online on PC. For far too long the game is notorious for security issues. If this [doesn't] make Rockstar take action for once then who knows what will. This past week has been insane for leaks."


While a vocal section of the "GTA" fanbase has expressed their condolences to Rockstar over these leaks, others are having a hard time not feeling frustrated to see just how much content Rockstar has thrown out over the years. The developer has not yet weighed in on the latest round of leaks, but it no doubt put a damper on the holidays for many of the workers at Rockstar Games.