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Sony Kicks Off 'Totally Digital' Sale On PlayStation Store

A brand new sale is starting up in the PlayStation Store today, and if you're a fan of indie games, you're really going to like it.

The Totally Digital Sale puts a focus on products that are primarily available in the PlayStation Store; not those you can pick up at your local GameStop. So you'll find a whole lot of indie games with their prices slashed here, as well as DLC expansion passes and game upgrades. There are discounts for everyone, though you can save even more if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber. And below, you'll find a few of the highlights we've managed to pick out of the massive list of items on sale.


Are you a fan of classic arcade games? You can pick up a copy of Dig DugGalagaPac-Man, or Ms. Pac-Man for $2 each.

Dead Cells isn't a game that gets discounted a lot, so the $17.49 you'll pay during this sale is likely the best you'll do for the foreseeable future.

Child of Light is a fantastic RPG with a gorgeous art style, and it's just $4.49.

Defense Grid 2 is one of the better tower defense games you can play these days. At $4.49, you shouldn't miss it.

Glass Masquerade Special Edition is a peaceful puzzler that packs a whole lot of extra stuff into this extended package. You can pick it up for $10.70.

Hitman: Game of the Year Edition is an episodic take on the Hitman franchise, and the GOTY bundle includes every episode. The price? Just $11.99.


Life of Strange episode 1 is free. If you want to nab the other four episodes in the series, they're down to $1 each during the sale.

Oxenfree is a short-yet-entertaining game that tells an intriguing story, and it's discounted to $5.

Undertale is an RPG you absolutely shouldn't miss, and you can get it for just $11.24 right now. Plus, there's a free follow-up title you can play called Deltarune.

According to Sony, this Totally Digital sale is going to last a while. The company plans to bring the discounts to an end on May 28, which means you have two weeks to peruse the store and pick out something you like.