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Nintendo Adds A Few New Joy-Con Colors For The Switch

Nintendo is certainly having its day in the news. Along with the discovery of a new Switch model and the announcement of a release date for Luigi's Mansion 3, it seems Nintendo also has some new Joy-Cons on the way.


Unfortunately, these Joy-Cons aren't new in the sense that they're constructed any differently. These probably won't solve the stick drift issue experienced by so many, nor will they magically transform those tiny directional buttons into a d-pad. But hey, they add some new colors to the mix! The people cried out for better Joy-Cons, and Nintendo delivered by offering them in more hues.

According to Kotaku, the new Joy-Cons come in two different packages, each combining two different-colored Joy-Cons together. One is the Blue/Neon Yellow set, which you can see above on the left. And the other is the Neon Purple/Neon Orange set on the right. As is the case with these — and pretty much all Joy-Con colors — you cannot simply buy two of the same color, unless they happen to be the grey Joy-Cons that come with the standard Switch. This leaves you with two options: buy two boxes of Joy-Cons so you can finally get that full Neon Blue set you're after, or trade a Neon Yellow to someone for their Neon Blue. It's like Pokemon, but with Joy-Cons.


At this point, if you're holding your breath for Nintendo to introduce some kind of new and improved Joy-Con, you should probably stop. It's entirely possible the company made some changes inside the Switch Lite; we won't know for sure, though, until someone tears it open. But as far as the standard Switch is concerned, you're likely stuck with the Joy-Cons you have for now, and we might not see a change in how they're built until Nintendo releases its more powerful Switch, whenever that is.

The new Blue/Neon Yellow and Neon Purple/Neon Yellow Joy-Cons go on sale beginning Oct. 4. Each set will cost $79.99.