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How Long Does It Take To Beat The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an RPG that should need no introduction. It's won tons of awards. Henry Cavill's played through it. And it has the world looking forward to CD Projekt Red's next title, Cyberpunk 2077.


But enough about that. You're probably here because you're wondering how long it takes to beat The Witcher 3, right? Maybe you picked it up during a Steam sale or purchased it for your console of choice because you'd heard so many good things about it. Well, buckle in. You are going to be lost in The Witcher 3's world for a very, very long time.

According to website How Long to BeatThe Witcher 3's main story campaign will take you nearly 52 hours to complete. That's from a sample size of over 1,000 players who submitted their playthrough times, and we've often found this figure to be reliable when it comes to playing the story straight through without wandering off on side quests.

Should you go down the path of the completionist, however, you can expect your time with the game to more than triple. A one-hundred-percent complete save in The Witcher 3 will take roughly 180 hours to achieve. That is some serious game time — over a week, in fact — so be prepared if you want to see and do everything The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has to offer. You might fall behind on some of your real-life responsibilities.


And all of that doesn't even include the game's two expansions, Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone. If you bought The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's Complete Edition, you have the base game and both expansions. And depending how far in depth you want to go with those, they could add anywhere between 25 to 75 hours to your Witcher 3 experience.

Consider that for just a moment. To really and truly accomplish everything in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and its expansions, you'd have to play it for about 250 hours. That's unreal.

In terms of the value you get for your dollar, you might not find a better game than The Witcher 3 right now. It's regularly on sale and you can almost always get the expansions at a discount, too. So if you haven't picked it up yet, keep an eye out. And if you have? Take a good, hard look at the sun. You might not be seeing it for a while.