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Story-Driven Platformer GRIS Is Soon Coming To iOS

Quite a few PC and console games are making their way over to mobile as of late. The one-time PlayStation 4 exclusive Journey made the — err — trip recently. Now another narrative experience is making its way to your smartphone or tablet.


According to GematsuGRIS is set to release on iOS in just a few weeks time: Aug. 22, 2019. It's the kind of game you might've assumed was already on the platform, and in fact, the news of an iOS port actually caused us to go back and check the App Store ourselves, because surely this game had to be there already. This had to be some kind of mistake.

It wasn't. GRIS appeared on just two platforms when it first came out in December of last year: PC and Nintendo Switch. But it's arguably an easy mistake to make, as GRIS definitely fits the mold of a game that would do well on PC and console as well as on mobile. It's an artistic, story-centric platformer from an indie developer; the kind you might expect people to be gushing over (and many have). And it doesn't require a powerhouse piece of hardware to run, which the less-than-beefy chips found on mobile devices seem to appreciate.


GRIS didn't review particularly well with many of the mainstream gaming sites, but it's garnered a review of "Overwhelmingly Positive" from Steam users, so make of that what you will. The story — one about "a hopeful young girl lost in her own world, dealing with a painful experience in her life," may or may not appeal to you depending on what you're in the mood for at the moment. But if you're interested in picking up GRIS, it's available on PC and Nintendo Switch right this second.

And if you'd rather have GRIS on an iPhone or an iPad — and you're okay with waiting — the game comes to the iOS App Store on Aug. 22 at a price of $4.99.