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New Screenshot Claims To Be From Bully 2

Despite a string of fake leaks recently in the Rockstar Games community — including one distinctly designed to sound believable enough  – people are still drawn to such stories in the hopes that one might actually bear fruit. The latest centers around a supposed leak from Bully 2; an image that looks to be from the game's start menu.


YouTuber TheNathanNS claims to have received the above image via Direct Message from someone on Twitter. And let's just hold on that for a moment. Someone with a photo of a work-in-progress Rockstar title sent it to a Twitter user with 1,629 followers? Yeah. To humor it for a moment, though, we can see what appears to be a map of a Bully 2 location called "Wintersmith Mansion," along with menu options for Help, Character, Story, Map, Progress, Settings, Online, and Social Club. And in two of the corners, you can make out a player avatar, as well as buttons that might belong to a PlayStation controller.

So is this real? Ehh. According to a GTA Forums moderator, the YouTuber in question here is "known in other communities for years to not be the most reliable." And the existence of a mansion was mentioned in a previous leak about Bully 2 that claimed the game was canned. Add that to the fact that the above menu seems to draw quite a bit of inspiration from the version of Bully found on mobile (as many Redditors have noticed) and it's just blurry enough to hide imperfections, and yeah, chances are it's conjured up. The fact 2K isn't hunting anyone down should be a sign, too.


We'll keep an eye out for any other news around a potential sequel for Bully. It's certainly a game a lot of people want. There have just been way too many manufactured leaks at this point to take anything at its word; especially something as shaky as this.