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Rocket League 2: Will We Ever See The Sequel?

Let's be real about it: Rocket League is a blast to play. It's easy to pick up, yet watching professionals compete can still leave you in awe. It's no wonder the game is so popular. The big question is, will Psyonix capitalize on all the Rocket League hype and release a sequel? Will there ever be a Rocket League 2 on sale someday?


We wouldn't bet on it.

To start, Rocket League developer Pysonix is not a large studio, with some estimates reporting it has just north of 30 employees. And you have to imagine a large amount of attention is focused on just keeping Rocket League up and running. It's a live service game that occasionally requires patches and other fixes, and that takes resources.

Rocket League also adds new modes and seasonal events on the regular. Not only that, the game has a Rocket Pass full of cosmetics like rocket trails and goal animations. Artists, developers and designers have to work on those, too.

And finally, the entire point of a live service game like Rocket League is to have it be played by as many people as possible. That's why you'll find the game on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Rocket League has a large player base, and business revolves around keeping that base intact while adding new players and selling cosmetics to those who are willing to buy them. But if a sequel were released, Psyonix would essentially have to rebuild that audience from scratch. There are no guarantees that would happen.


So what's the verdict on a sequel? Can we count on Rocket League 2 showing up for the start of the next generation? Probably not. Our guess is you'll see the same Rocket League you might have picked up in 2015, though it'll likely be a lot prettier.