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This Witcher 3 Mod Drops Henry Cavill Into The Role Of Geralt A Few Months Early

In case you weren't aware, Superman actor Henry Cavill is set to play Geralt in the upcoming Netflix series The Witcher. He's stoked about it, and so are some fans, if a new mod for The Witcher 3 is any indication.


Modder Adnan4444 has created the kind of mod Cavill — a Witcher 3 player himself – might actually want to install. It's a model swap that does away with the Geralt of old and, instead, replaces him with the British actor. According to the modder, they'd like to do a number of iterations on the mod, adding things like "scars, dirt, brown hair with blue eyes," and so on. But at the present, what's on display looks a lot like Henry Cavill just strolled onto the Witcher set in his Geralt costume. It's extremely well done.

But that's just a judgment we rendered based on photos. How does it look in the game?

We did a little digging, and managed to find a YouTube clip of Geralt with the mod installed. And perhaps it's something with the lighting or the beard Geralt is sporting in that particular clip, but the model feels a bit off. The photo above is a dead ringer for Henry Cavill. The mod as presented in the clip, however, takes it down a few notches. But we could be wrong; we've only seen a few images of Cavill as Geralt. Perhaps an extended look at the actor playing the role would help clear things up.


And speaking of that: when does The Witcher release on Netflix? As of now, we only have a "late 2019" launch window to work with. So until Netflix decides on a proper date — and we can all take off work accordingly to binge it — this mod will be as close as we come to seeing Cavill play the part he practically begged for.