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No Man's Sky Players Rejoice Over Pink Grass

No Man's Sky's Beyond update has officially arrived, and players are discovering all sorts of neat things in the update. We thought the new online features might get some love, or that maybe people would lose it playing No Man's Sky in VR. But jubilation over pink grass? Didn't see that coming.


Over the past week, players have been noticing that their odds of landing on a planet full of pink grass (or purple, or whatever you want to call it) have gone up. In fact, the looks of all planets and moons in No Man's Sky appear to have become more diverse. We all know the story of how the game launched, and the unbelievable amount of work Hello Games has put in to get No Man's Sky where it is today. But somewhere along the way — in one of those many, many updates — the procedurally generated planets found in the game began to show up with a lot less variety.

Whether that was the result of a bug or some other change, it's been cleared up thanks to the Beyond update. The pink-colored planets are back in No Man's Sky, and just by looking at one, you can understand why players might be excited to go out and start searching.


"No man's sky looks so beautiful and vibrant now, I love it!" said one player on Reddit.

"THE COLORS ARE BACK!" added another.

Due to the random nature of the game, we expect players are going to be stumbling upon a lot of other things they want to share in the days and weeks ahead. Thanks to the No Man's Sky's newly colored universe, those discoveries will have a much prettier backdrop.

No Man's Sky's Beyond update is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.